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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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Can't find a good picture of me and Debby yet, but here are some other cool people you're going to recognize. Pic is from last year's GenCon aces speedpainting, curtesy of Debby.


left to right: Jen "Paintrix" Haley, Anne "Vaitalla" Foerster, Adam Catt, Eric Roof, Liliana "keshley" Troy, and half of Tony "Doctor Faust" Erdelji.


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Ack sorry for the late response here;


Steven - Why thank you, that was my wedding picture BTW


Sojourner - No I have not appeared in or on any journal as of yet. Just out of curiosity why do you ask?


Storm - I want you to know you have a twin living in Witchita Kansas. I went to college with a guy named Matt looks just like you.

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Well, since Randy showed up, here is a pic of me from last summer... I am wearing my Road Hockey jersey (LHDSHFJ = Long Haired Dope Smokin Hippy Friends of Jesus) and swillin a Pilsner while fleeing from the cops in what was undoubtedly the most wicked time to be had.....




Okay, just kidding, but still :P



Zaph. Why do I see that as a scene from a cut-rate 'Smokey and the Bandit' remake with Dave Foley as Sherriff Beuford T. Justice?


--Man, that was halarious!



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That was killer Zaph! I broke out is a grand guffaw! Well done! ::D:


That is a direct out take form one of those Molson Canadian comerrcials... good stuff. hehehee...


The Candian version of Bo Duke!


Oh, and the legs are not his fault. In Canada, we only have 3 weeks of summer. After that, you wear snow suits... besides which, the mosquitoes here are the size of small trucks! They'll eat you alive!! (I seen it happen once!)


You can always tell a Canadian by their ghostly pale legs...


I have no pics of me newer than 10 years, so will temporarily remain an avatar. In the meantime, think "Brad Pitt meets Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn". Yea.... that's me..... yea.... but with more of a Faramir style nose. :blink:

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In the meantime, think "Brad Pitt meets Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn".  Yea.... that's me..... yea.... but with more of a Faramir style nose.  :blink:

Well then your avatar doesn't do you justice, can't wait to see the real thing :blush:


debby ^_^


p.s. - I'm the one in the purple shirt in the sculpting class with Lady Storm's son in the ReaperCon photos thread :B): Hide and seek anyone? :ph34r:

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Ok, I figured since I made fun of Glyn's leg paleness I have to put a picture of myself in for ridicule ::D:


I am on the right, my mom in the middle, my brother Keith on the left. The stuff on our foreheads is from some Indian pre-wedding ritual (my brother's wife's family is from India, but nobody could explain the significance of it).


Now I know this looks like a nice happy family picture, and might seem to be nice and civilized with my arm around my mom, which is not very barbarian-like or primeval in that sense. But in reality I am giving her the Cimmerian One-Armed Death Grip Of Crom! Yeah, that's it.... :lol:


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