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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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Ok, well this is a little unusual. I know most of you guys as avatars so I was

wondering how you look like in real life. (Not being able to attend reaperCon)

Some of you have pic on your profil, some don't... I thought it might be

fun to post them here.


Please post your pics up otherwise I'll feel stupid!




my ugly mug in bunker gear


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Cool, A firefighter.  And welcome to the boards!


Thanks, great to be here.


I'm actually a volunteer firefighter .. small town, from the east coast of Canada.

Will be posting as often as I can .... keep er frosty.

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Enchantra Posted on Sep 18 2004, 01:22 PM

What does "Keep er Frosty" mean or refer to?????


That would be in reference to our national pastime, Beer! ^_^ As in "keep it cool" or "take it easy".


This has to be Canadian Slang.


Yes it is, right up there with "hoser" and "eh".

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There is one of me in my profile... i believe its a halloween dress up picture.


There is also one of me on my site, ill get a link...

http://www.tinysouls.com/tinysouls/aboutme.htm :) The one with me and my doggy was taken before I owned a coolpix its kind of weird looking. O_o

Hey, an American Eskimo ( I know there is another name too but I forget it) - my favorite pet growing up was an American Eskimo, she was a GREAT dog!

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This is our crew at DragonCon '04, having just returned from the Shakespeare Tavern on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend to hone our mad Talisman skilz in the game room.


Thanks to the passerby who took the picture for us. That's me up front with the camera case, and Celeste (who won at precisely 2:00 a.m., when we had decided we'd have to disband for sleep), purty in pink.


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