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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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I dunno. I don't like to post my likeness online. You never know who's going to turn out to be some freak... :oh:

Yep plenty of freaks online.





Glyn, do you have any larger images of your elric costume? [or was it a photo shop?].  It totaly rocks and is a GREAT example of Cosplay [as opposed to 300 lb guys dressing up as sailor moon.]

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Alright, time to show what the deuce I look like in the RL.


Click here if you dare...


Can you tell that this is my first webpage?


Content? What the deuce is that?


Oh, and yes, that is the Reaper Forums on the monitor in the picture.


Infact, that pic pretty much shows all the important things in my life: Minis, computers, coffee...



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It's funny you ask. You see, I had all these pics taken before I had the extra head and arm attached, and since, with half the Police in the Galaxy after me, I had to remove them. On the downside, my music when to the craps, but on the upside, the attachment trend went out months ago! So -10 points for crummy excuses, but plus 1,000,000 points for style :D
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a lot of nice and/or impressive people in here...


Funny enough Istorm looks EXACTLY as I thought he would look like... *g*


And its really difficult to decide which one to merry Zaphod or LadyTam.. *g*

What the... I take them both  :love:


And thanx Zaphod... thats my most favorite quote from every movie I know...


Arnie rules hrhrhr

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I'd say Zaphod is mine, but unfortunately I'm already taken and my bf's hair is longer than Zaph's.



Here's a pic of my bf... for those interested:




He's got a beard and mustache now but it changes back and forth....

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Except now I have a hair cut, but I think it is slowly growing back :D I miss my precious.... :(

AHhh yes, :::sigh::: the 80s were good (the metal years, not the pop schtick).  I had a Sampson thing going on, and just like the folklore, once I had it cut, I lost all my strength!  I'm afraid though, that it could now only grow back in true "Lone Gunman Style".  Long on back & sides, rather stray and fraggly on top, with a big (and growing) ring of lightly sunburnt flesh ontop.


I don't have many pics of me in recent years, but here's some from the bygone days of yester year...




And without the make-up:




I rocked,  I rolled, but now I mostly like to sleep.  :D

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Well I am truly blushing now :D Indeed th e80's were great times!!! Of course now, the hair may or may not be coming back, though there is no hidden patch of skin trying to escape anywhere! I am lucky in the fact that I shall have crazed mad-scientist hair when I am 80 I think!


Frank the DM, it is actually a BROM picture that I pasted my head on, and drained the color from my unsavoury pallette :D

I WISH I had a costume like that, or more specifically, a sword like that :D

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From the latest dungeon crawl (sorry the torchlight is so dim).  The wizard had run out of spells, and spent the rest of the adventure taking candids.  Turns out the Produce Flash cantrip attracts wandering monsters, so we were really racking up the XPs.  My ever-so-slight smile here is my realization that I have just leveled up, and suddenly know how to swing that magical two-hander we liberated from the tombs.


Then it occurred to me that I'd have to paint a new miniature.  Firk ding blast!

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