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Cold Navy (merged threads)


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I was all excited for these to come back, since I never got around to buying them initially. But now? There's With Hostile Intent and VBAM turning out really nice minis, plus my still unfinished SFB, B5Wars, and Starblazers stuff.


I'll probably pass on them again.

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With Hostile Intent are probably the best starship minis out there right now. Crisp sculpts and casts, great design:








The Victory By Any Means minis are not quite as well done, but still lots of fun, and the line has much more variety:








Victory By Any Means has complete rules, With Hostile Intent is still in beta. I really like the WHI rules, it's 3D, but I can actually get my head around it.


More pics of VBAM


More WHI (CAUTION: shameless self promotion)

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casts, great design:





Nanite, are those Todd Boyce's minis?


Yup. He has someone else doing designs as well. And I'm not bashing Ravenstar's efforts at getting Cold Navy back up and running, don't get me wrong, Chris is a great guy too (what is it about Space Combat games? Everyone I've encountered is so nice!) I've just got plenty of other distractions.


Now, Chris' Classic Battlestar stuff? That's irrisistable.

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Ya the hostile intent stuff is awesome, I saw some out at GenCon and his magnetic base adapters work great for CAV aircraft.


Right now about the only starship game i've found being played with any regularity in the DFW area is Fed Commander. But they are all using the paper counters.

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Get all the original ships from the NAC, ESU, NSL and FSE that you want. They're doing away with the original sculpts because the molds are wearing out. Only the new sculpts will be available before long.

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