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Dragonblood Knight


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Extra points to all those who know the family to whom this fellow is a bannerman.


For those who don't, you should definitely read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.


For those who just want to look at pretty painted pewter, here are pictures.




I have to admit, this chap suffers from "argh! I'm tired of futzing around with you! Here's a coat of sealer, now get off my table!" syndrome. I could point out a dozen different places that need to be blacklined, shaded, highlighted, picked out, or otherwise defined. And I may well go back and do that later, but for now, I think three months is long enough for one mini to sit nearly painted on my table. Need to free up space for other 3/4-finished projects! :devil:

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He looks pretty good to me.


I know the symbol (have read the first book of that series) but can't quite remember the name of the family. I want to say it is the one that "Black Fish" is a member of, but I don't know.


He looks decently painted and the basing is really good!

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Beanie, Ixminis and Voladilk all win the prize!


Glad you all like this fellow.


Voladilk: yes, Brynden Blackfish is of House Tully. Thanks for the comment re: basing. I really like the way this one came out...there's a battle in one of the later books that takes place along a river, so I was really trying to put together a muddy kind of terrain. I'm glad it came through in the pics.


VV: I was ecstatic with how the freehand photographed; I almost think the photo makes it look better than reality...the Dragonblood minis, by the way, are pretty snazzy. They have several pieces that come with multiple heads or armaments. This knight can be built with sword and board OR with a massive two-hander. Lots of fun.


Ixminis: Do you know any more about that potential licensing deal? And the books are awesome; definitely keep them on your list, if not bump them to the top!


Beanie: glad you think Cate would have nice things to say. He does wear the colors well, at least. ::):

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It's funny you posted this guy, these are pretty much my favorite series and I'm all sorts of enthusiastic about finding figures that can represent the characters found within. I've been looking for a Jon Snow and Ghost to do as a display, but sadly, can't find many minis that really inspire me so far. I think Tara the Silent would make a great adult Arya though :D </nerdery>

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I kinda like 2086: Faramere as an older Jon...it's sad, you know, the D&D PPM Winter Wolf just needs some better painting, but otherwise is a half-decent Ghost. Or any other direwolf, for that matter.


Garrity's sculpts are great for children, especially some as old as Tara; they all tend to have a cherubic quality to the face. Arya would definitely be well represented by Tara, especially if you replaced that swordblade with something slimmer.


I'm actually planning to do several more bannermen eventually...Greyjoy is my favorite house, but I need several things before I paint any of them: suitable minis for Asha, Euron, Victarion and the Damphair, fewer half-finished projects (I have five diorama pieces in the works, all about 25% complete, if that) and, finally, more experience sculpting water (some of my current dioramas will help there). We Do Not Sow!


Next up I think is a Martell bannerman...I have a good round shield I want to put the Sunspear Sign on.

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Sanael: Bannermen?

technically, this house Tully scion would be his own damn master, as Tully had their own banner men. technically Tully was an Ally of Stark, not beholden to them neath their banners.

(unless you are calling Robb king of the North. sorry, but i'm still with that Drivet Ironarse Stannis Baratheon, aye.)

("but i call no ursurpers a rightful king, an' no bassard-chil' or 'is 'ore mother either!")

("fire burns the dark and cold...")


Bryden black fish would be immediately recognizable by the black trout on Tully colours, plus his Eyrie class equipment and auxillary gear...he was a bannerman to Jon Arryn in the Vale...

might he be Edmure? but edmure was heir apparent...

you stumped me....for all my f'ing knowledge.


wouldn't a bannerman of Tully wear his own house colors? like Darby or ...someone. i know my Ironborn and My Northmen better as far as bannermen...sorry. clueless here.


beanie: try dark heaven legends "Cullen and Ash" for Jon and Ghost...

sorry i don't have a number...

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all right, Matsumoto...you got me. :blush: I was using the term "bannerman" either too loosely or entirely incorrectly. We'll call this fellow a random Tully man-at-arms lucky enough and loyal enough to afford and purchase a uniform in the house colors. He's not intended to be a specific character.


I will say, though, knowing from previous threads your enjoyment of the books and their world, I'm glad you saw this one.




Stannis?!? Huh.

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why thank you! sorry i pulled the know it all geekish there.



yes, Stannis. as in, which king do you side with once Robert buys the farm?

Benefits: has his head on straight, damn loyal troops, serves the right God.

Drawbacks: "numbers? we need those?", Melisandre, he's slated for death.


i WOULD side with her miss awesomeness Daenys Targareyan, but she is busy kicking a whole different other breed of butt on a whole different breed of continent.


i would have sided with Renly were it not for a serious case of Melisandre, afterall, he was the man of Baratheon once Robert takes deep six. plus, Loras Tyrell served him. and Brienne of Tarth.

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I actually have an idea to do Daeny with her dragons, but again, still looking for a good naked chick. I just feel like she should be naked. The sea nymph is the PERFECT pose, but..she's a sea nymph. I'd have to file off all her netting and sea-kini.


I think Tara will make a great arya. I just need to find her a good Needle for conversion. :] I thought Hyrekia would be an okay Sansa, just old. Of course Sansa loses a lot of innocence in growing up. who knows. Hyrekia might make a decent Catelyn, now that I think of it. She's gotta lose that staff, though.


As you can tell, I think of this way too much. It's one of my Projects. :lol:



Now, Astrid would make a great Asha Greyjoy (my favorite girl!!!) except for that pesky lute...she sure has the right attitude!

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I actually have an idea to do Daeny with her dragons, but again, still looking for a good naked chick. I just feel like she should be naked.

Not a matter of feeling, comrade...she WAS naked. and burnt free of hair, i do beleive. nudity non-optional


a scene for all those who wanted a piece of Aliens 3 Sigourney Weaver?

*God smacks matsumoto with stick*

(that don't include me! i would have love to have seen her naked, with hair, and covered in baby dragons)

(Daenerys, not Sigourney...)


seriously, i was going to get some Perry Historicals to do the GRRM mini's in, mostly men of the line, the Black Watchmen, a Loras Tyrell, etc... and oddly, i do not memorise all the names...will go search me catalouge...then again, Reaper prolly has better Characyer mini's

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yeah, her hair was singed off, but I'm not sure i want to do that particular scene as a diorama even though it would be killer. I have an easier time just finding a naked chick, not a bald naked chick.


Anyway, wow! Off topic. Although a brainstorming thread on GRRM minis would be super fun :D

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I still just can't stand Stannis. Or Melisandre. Really, I don't think I like anyone who actually wants the throne, with the possible exception of Dany. I'd put my support with Jon and the Wall, if told I had to go lend a sword somewhere.


Or Asha. I likes her style.




I do enjoy the idea of a GRRM brainstorming thread...since this thread seems to have left that poor Tully fellow in the mud.


Y'know, if you can find a naked mini you like, switching the head to bald isn't too hard, especially since Reaper has the head packs out for sculptors...

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