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Organizing tools

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I used to keep my tools in my tool box. It seemed I spend so much time digging I didn't have time to work. I've gotten a couple of things lately that have helped a lot.


Two items were from a Beading Supply Store. One is a large purple zip-case for Beading Tools that came emptly. The other was a smaller case that came with a set of mini tools. The empty is now filled with my full sized beeding/wire cutting tools. I'm thinking of getting another one, since the first is full and I still have more tools... sigh.


Also, Michaels had a set of brushes with a canvas roll-up on sale for $4. That was $3 off the regular price. I bought the set and promplty tossed the brushes in my Demo Tub. It was the roll-up I was after.


I now use the roll up for my tweezers, files, emery boards, filing twigs, pokey things, Wax 9 and other sculpting tools, and dental tools. It's AWESOME! I can find my sculpting tools when I need them without digging throught the tool box.


I also found out something handy about my sculpting/dental tools. After a while working with two-part epoxies like Apoxysculpt and Green Stuff, my tools were kind of gunky and scratched. It was tough to smooth sculpting material the way I wanted. I found that I could use fine and ultrafine grit sandpaper to rub off most the gunk, then smooth the tools again with a nail buffer. My tools look like new again.

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