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Reeling in new players

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I recently just started to get into Warlord in the past few months. I have played a few other miniature games, but this is by far the best game I have played. In just the past 2 months my 14 year son and myself have built 2200 point armies in just character points. We have got 4 of our friends to also start to build 2000 point groups. the problen with getting players is the lack of knowledge that the game exsist. I have been in many game stores and a few conventions over the years and just in the past few months got a demonstration at a family night at a game store. Warlord is a great game that sells its self with it being in the public eye. I have been at a few demos and have seen the vast majority of people showing a great deal of interest. The more these people see a player base the more players will join in the game in the future. Demonstrators need official Warlord posters to be posted at the stores and the company needs to advertise in gamers magazines and at conventiions.

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I know I play every week at my FLGS on Thursday nights. (Hint: so, if anyone is in Tulsa on a Thursday... :lol:) For a long time, we had the one table at the front of the store. That ruled, because our game was the first one visible to anyone coming into the store for a visit. For the past several weeks, we've been relagated to the back of the store because that table was being used by everyone wanting to paint. :rock:


Anyways, one way to gather new players in your area is to just play every week in as visible of an area as you can and then act like you are having fun, whether you are or not. :lol: I have this 12 or 13 year old kid in my store that started out playing Warhammer Fantasy. Over the last couple three weeks I have been talking to him about Warlord. He has seen some of the models and thinks that they are really awesome looking. His problem with playing Warlord (at first) was the fact that his parents said he could play one game, and one game only. So, at the time he came into the store (a non-Thursday :down:), he chose Warhammer Fantasy because that is what the store owners are big into. However, he was watching my game intently last night and so I told him about Reaper's proxy rules. He plays Lizardmen, so I told him he could feel free to use those models as proxies so he could learn to play Warlord. We use proxies all the time. (Heck, just a week or so ago I was using 3 Dwarf Warriors to represent 3 Necro Gargoyles!! :lol::lol::lol:) He got excited about that. I've shown him the latest stats and how the models degrade as they get wounded. He REALLY got excited about that. ::):


So, even though he won't really be able to buy too much in the way of Reaper product (due to that problem of being 12 and all ::D:), I will have another player in my store (to help offset the several that I lost recently).


The moral to my long winded tale is this: Be nice to everyone you meet, have fun while playing the game, and by all means, always allow your newbie players to use proxies!! :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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