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I wanted to make sure you guys didn't miss some more new demon models for Darkspawn.


Goatman Deamon Adepts. Fast Berserkers with Critical Strike/2.


Maugrathoth, Demon Hero. Finally a flying hero that isn't unique! 100 points for 3 MAV 6 disable attacks.


The demons have shaped up into a fine sublist I think. I can't wait to spead fear and terror in my coming games.

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Having 5 excellent models with Disable is pretty sweet.


Too bad Keradan doesn't work for the Conclave, he would have made an excellent back field Sergeant.

I'm just happy I can finally put together the flying list I've always wanted. Then there is a kick butt FA to compliment it too!

Rauth, Guros, Ashakia for leaders

A unique Rogue, and new Hero for Adepts.

Imps and Incubus for Filler.

A nice beefy solo to round everything out.

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Wha? Where?


Oh there....



TAsty! :devil:


Oh yes.....I think I jumped on the winning coach!


We are a bunch of guys new to the game. And have already smacked a small 500 points tournament/learn the freaking rules thing together.


Vejlin who is an active member in here is the one to thank.


He plays mostly overlords

Ejvang is a mercenary

Ioronymus is the dead pirate.


And have no clue what the others will be....



There can only be one.............

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JAvolith 52

2 isiri bowmen 106

Burrowing spawn 85


Aunding 59


Meridiana 49

4 isiri warriors 100


451 out of 500


The spawn will jump ordinary troops first and earn me some tokens, then he will go for a character.


Aunding, tokens with poison shot


the rest ....I will just wing it hehe...


But how does this list look?


Still got points to beef up things

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Going with the miniatures you listed, I think you can build up a dang nice 500 point list.


I'm a big fan of mixing my grunts, so I'll show you how I would build those troops.


Troop 1 (224)

Javolith =52

Aundine =59

Archer x1 =53

Warrior x2 =60

This troops meets Javoliths minimum and let's you use Aundine as an elite. The warriors are going to be used as meat shields for your archer and Aundine. Make the enemy come to you.

Find a nice spot and make use of the Marksmen. Using Marksmen Aundine can do 4 points of damage a round. Just keep those warrior close to her because she has to get close to the enemy for it to work. Also don't be afraid to place warriors smack in front of her, then move them when it's shooting time.


Troop 2 (162)

Meridianna =49

Warrior x2 =60

Archer x1 =53

Same tactic as above, but don't be worry about moving this troop. Keep them mobile, shooting when you can.


Troop 3 (100)

Burrowing Spawn =85+15(Outrider for Solo)

I would hunt down any spell caster you enemy thought to bring. They probably didn't think to bring an anti-burrower spell, so start as far out as you can, and eat the caster.


Total: 486


If possible I would put in some Broken Fodder. I would put them in Meridianna's Troop. Keep these guys back until you have some pain tokens stored up. Once you do, always try to have them charge the same target together(that way only 1 should die from defensive strikes)

If you can't find room for the models, that's alright, the list is solid and should be fun to play.


Edited to include point values.

Edited by shakhak
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Thought I might explain why I split my archers.


In alot of games I will wait to move certain troops until after he has activated units that can reach out and touch you. I know other players do this as well, it's why they ask what you've activated :)


Having a diverse selection on every card can really force your opponent into a situation they feel uncomfortable. If they feel uncomfortable, you're doing something right.


Trust me, with archers in both troops, and a beasty burrower under their feet, nobody is going to enjoy a game against you.

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Yeah, surfacing is considered part of your move, can be done during, before, or after. It's great for charging under the front line and popping up and attacking whatever your enemy was trying to protect.

The spawn is perfect for that with it's Mov 10, and Improved Charge/4. If you're close to the middle of the board you can usually charge anything worth attacking.


Going back underground is an Invoke special action, so you have to sacrifice a combat action to dig.

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Still no models. But I will get the starter set to Darkspawn today.


In the game I have to proxy the Burrow spawn untill I can get my hands on one.


Have just finished painting a koralon broodmaster which will function as the spawn for now.


Any one else done good conversions on the spawn? Mine will certaintly! Just screams to me that it has to blast up from the ground.

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are his arms as bendy as they look? He looks like he'd be fairly easy to repose if you want several burrowers annd variety.


Yeah, his arms can be bent after you run them under some warm water pretty easily. So can his torso if you have some patience, and the smaller tentacles on the model bend very easily.


I have 4 models and all of them are bent in very different ways and they are easy to tell apart.

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