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So my lizards came out of the box for the first time in a looooong time. I am glad to report that we busted many heads and took no prisoners.




And might I add that I finally used the dragon turtle, and found him to be AMAZING. High defense + deflect is awesome. It's like haveing a mobile wall with warmaster.

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That's an awesome flyer sculpt. I love how it really captures the feeling that he's diving right on to someone with his foot on his spear.... very cool



I also think that this is the best Nagendra yet. Armor keeps him looking civilized and ready for a battle, and his face is far from the silly snake faces.


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So, the lizards get to have a go at it with the necros this thanksgiving.



Any good ideas? My dear old Dad is useing a tuned and tested Crypt Legion force which stars moandain and the spectral minions. I would go with the dragon turtle, but moandain will eat that low MD for breakfast, so he is out.



I'm thinking a heavy compliment of archers might do well in plinking the wizard before he gets me too bad. Maybe some Melee bruisers and a wizard with dispel (or is it a cleric spell? I can't remember) would be of service.




I'm open to suggestions, I haven't gotten to play much with the new stuff so i don't know exactly how everything will combine.

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How many points are we looking at??? What ever the case, i'd strongnly recomend the Gaan-Hor Clan Warriors. 12 inch charge that effectivly ignors any models/terain in the way, use hit and run tatics, take out the one model you don't like then take to the air ASAP, before going after the next one. Other than that (if you have the points) try the hydra with a T'kay to heal any lucky hits, and maybe a teleport to get it either out of an unwanted spot or into a nice week spot.

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Spectral Minions ain't what it used to be. Without the ability to break Bind Souls, it is no longer the automatic 5 minions per every time. And honestly, I wouldn't worry about them too much. Play to the Reptus strengths; use high DV models and use Jade Strike liberally to reroll misses. If you want to try something like bringing the Hydra, I'd say bring the Troll cleric instead; better DV, better CP, better casting grade. If you really want to take the fight to him, definitely bring Gam-Nan and a handful of the Gaan-Hor. Take a Troop Standard to give you the reroll on Dis checks so that you are less likely to take a Shaken token hit from a failure. Even if he gets the chance to summon Minions twice before you get there and uses them to screen the lich, the Gaan-Hor are tough enough that you should be able to open a quick path to Moandain and lay the hurt on. Then mop up with the rest of your force.


Did I mention don't forget Jade Strike? :;):



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Easy, take your Reptus mage Pakpo with several counter spells and throw him in the same troop as say the Broodmaster (instead of the dragonturtle) and negate his ability to spell away your big guy.


Then swarm him with raptors or flyers.

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Well, the reptus came out, looked real sexy, and now are serving as lizardskin suitcases for the undead.



I ended up using a force that worked pretty different from my normal style (my normal style is to have more minis on the table than a goblin horde).



I used:




-Great Magical suit of protection uselessness

Nai Khanon


-Great Armor of tinfoil

- counterspell x 3

- Iceshard

- Ice-what-ever-they-call-the-improved-iceshard

Warriors x 6

clutchlings x 3




trolls x 3

Uzskuluz the awesome


-cure2 x 2

-crimson embrace

-searing pain





Cthayha watcha ma callit the cheap sgt

archers x 4








So this list has much fewer cards and models in it than normal for me. It was supposed to work like this: Everyone stands near pakpao, he counters all magic, we shoot things until they come to us, we eat rotten meat. Big mistake. All was going fine, the trolls had moved up and seized control of the valley between the two middle hills. Then 4 wraiths came in and dropped two trolls and didn't take a single wound in return. Do you ever roll six dice without getting a single 5? I sure did. Then the rest of the lizards got stuck in it and did ok. Except the wizard. He wiffed both spells he shot (the ice ones) and then died a horrible death because everyone whio had been protecting him was gone. The archers never managed to find a good solid position, so while they shot every turn, they didn't get to use much marksman, so they had a light impact. Then Uskuluz bit the dust after using only 1 spell (a cure to be specific). So at this point I have lost 2 clutchlings, 2 trolls, 2 warriors, and both magic users. Over on that flank Nai Khanon and 2 more warriors are the sole survivors. On the other side of things The Khonger and sir Dauron (i think thats his name) have killed one another (the khonger got him in an uber frenzied defensive strike on the same turn he went down). Azarphan and Uru pull pretty much the same stunt on the other side of the board.


So at this point on turn 3 I have lost 4 warriors, Khonger, magic users, 2 clutchlings, two trolls, and Uru. This whole time Moandain has been summoning away from the safety of a cottage in his spawning area. I have killed a fist wad of skeletons, Dauron, azarphan, and a pile of death riders.


By the end of the fight Nai Khannon (with the help of a few lucky arrows) and the bone horror have defensive striked eachother (seeing a pattern here? big guys killing each other off, it was pretty cool). and i am left with 9 lizards. So then Moandain rolls up with his 11 spectral blokes, pile of skeletons, and the night spectre. The best part? He still has all his artillery spells. And my counterspells died two turns ago. It wasn't pretty. He didn't even bother to blast my guys, he just dark energied Dauron and Azarphan back up. I killed maybe 800 or 900 points and lost my full 1498.



Only 4 models managed to truly carry their weight. Uru, a troll, the khonger, and Nai-Khannon





So what did I learn about my faction?



-I need to go back to my old ways. Don't worry about magic users, mo gruntz works better.

-Don't get carried away with buying spells just to try them out, uskuluz will die and lose all those spells before you can try them.

-The defensive strike FA works great, don't forget to use it.

-Archers aint all they used to be, 8 arrows no longer means 4 dead grunts, it means 2 slightly wounded guys. And moandain is gonna heal those guys anyway.

-The Reptus shield wall is no longer what it once was. Now insted of living longer thanks to an amazing DV, many grunts only need a 4 or 5 to hit them warriors. They can die alot.

-Warmaster owns. Its the difference between the enemy ganging up and getting 6 attacks to your 1 wack-back and them getting 6 attacks to your gajillion wack-backs

-Outridering trolls may be worth it, those extra cards are even more important.

-A big group of trolls is still way too cool to want to split them up.

-Don't buy the Khonger greater magical protection, he'll be sliced up before the enemy wizard ever gets a shot at him.





I also learned a bit about more about the game in its new form. I have only played a few games since the last big changes because my gaming group is only now starting to go back to it again. I think a few months without major errata did everyone some good. Where the game used to be about massing your bonuses to outdo the enemy's defensive strike, this is now just another game about jumping the other guy first. Attacking them is veeeeery important, becasue it means you start the fight with 9 attacks to his 3 instead of the other way around. In the past when most folks only had 1 it wasn't as big a deal. Now it is really hard to make it to the next turn of combat when the attacker is hitting 3 or 4 times as often as you.





Next time I'll drop back to 2 archers and lose the wizard. Uskuluz can still come because trolls are really cool, but she doesn't get so much magic. And I definitely need more activation cards.


I can't wait to give it another go.

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Well, at least it sounds like you had fun in your learning experience. I wouldnt compeltely give up on magic, just change the way you use it.


But having said that, I do agree that your list needs tweaking a little. WhatI saw was that you took a top heavy list. That is a good list if the enemy also takes a top heavy list, but against a balanced or unbalanced in the other way list and it pobably doesnt have enough swords to win. Obviously there are a ton of choices and I cant just give you a winning combo, but I would say don't just do a massive sell off, keep a few of those large pointed models, just swap out a couple of them get some more mid level troops.

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Well at least you had fun and learned at the same time. I learned that while the trolls look real cool and quite a few people have had amazing luck with them, the only thing they have ever done for me was die. The Gaan on the other hand have been incredible in every single engagement I've used them in. The Khonger isn't the melee master that he once was so don't get confused by the old days. The Hydra is something that will put the green fear in your enemy. Re-rolling defensive strikes also makes a world of difference too. I'm betting that you forgot quite a few of those, don't worry every Reptus player does because we effectivly had no SAs for so long. They are a blessing. I see you already found out that a hit or two and most people are swinging at you with auto hits. The Lizards are still best with quite a few troops out there on the table to soak up the damage and T'Kay's healer ability is nice to have lurking in back.

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So, my fiancée is the most awesomest fiancée on the planet. She got me a Warlord Reptus army as a delayed Christmas gift. It is as follows:



Reptus 750 points


Chai-Uut (with Lesser Magical Weapon) - 94 pts

5 * Skull Breakers - 235 pts


Gan Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder - 82 pts

4 * Gaan-Hor Warriors - 236 pts


Krung Beast - 103 pts


Total: 750 points exactly



I figure that with three manoeuvre elements, my only real weakness will be against magic, which at the 750-point level does not strike me as the biggest risk. I have the Skullies as my main line of battle, the Gaan-Hor as my archer/mage-killers and rapid response troops, and the Krung Beast as wallbreaker to be backed up by my line troops.


Being, as I am, a total nub at Warlord as yet, I'm not sure. What glaring weaknesses do I have, what style of play should I go for? What things should I focus on for later expansions? One thing I'll want is magic-users. I'm thinking T'Kay with a good load of spells. As well, another troop would not go amiss - Maybe half Warriors, half Longstrikers.

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Let me say that for a 750 point list, you will be very happy with that list. Even against magic as the average MD for Reptus has gone up little. Your flyers have the speed to get to any key enemies quickly and hold steady until the breakers can follow up. That and since they can fly, they also can help pick and choose when and who they get to fight against (unless the enemy brings flyers of course).


The Krung is much better now than before the 2007 changes. He can earn his points in kills fairly easy, as long as you dont run him out in the middle to get swarmed. Use him smartly as a outsider of the pack and he can be very affective.


The man advice I can give you is, dont forget to use your faction FAs.


As far as what models to add from here... well.... To be frank, all of them sounds about right... LOL


I have had fun with all of the models in Reptus. Even the lowly Coatl that I couldnt stand in the beginning. Another player showed me the error in misjudging their affectiveness one time when I was playing against rather than as the Reptus.

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