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Back in the Warlord saddle

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'Just printed out the Rage 2007 Chronicles, and the Data Cards for my Darkspawn and my friend Dalton's Dwarves.


Time to see how the new stuff plays out!! Prolly within the week I'll report here. Share your stories here or post battle reports.


One thing I like about the version off the printer is how the sections break down and are easily stapled. I can organize my force ahead of time, bring the paperwork over to Dalton's, and then just hand him the sections he needs, one at a time. SA's, check. Equipment, check. Spells, check. It's not so bad once you have it all in front of you.


Between that and the data cards, those models will get dusted off and see some action. From just a cursory glance at the material, it has the feel of a D&D skirmish game even more than it did previously. I'll have to report when the dice roll however.



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