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Reaper Fantasy Football: Season 3


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League Standings



1 The Lightbringers Icarus 6-2

2 Cancer Beaters SOldcorn 3-5

3 Groo and The Wanderers styates 3-5

4 Windsor Blood Leech 3-5



1 Gnu G-nomes Nikmal 6-2

2 Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts Heisler 5-3

3 Thorgrams Grunts Rylek 4-4

4 Cheyenne Mountain Dwarfs CuCulain42 3-5



1 Autumn Wind Ranzadule 7-1

2 Forgewalk Minions Qwyksilver 6-2

3 Haldir's Hellions Haldir 3-5

4 The Mystery Men Rupert Oldcorn 2-6




1 Ritterlich Tigers Humansquish 6-2

2 Evil Oompaloompas Stubbdog 4-4

3 Phoenix Legionnaires Crazy8 2-6

4 Arizona Cardinals Irish Stallion 1-7


Week 8 Scores

Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts def Groo and The Wanderers 85-67

Autumn Wind def Arizona Cardinals 62-21

Forgewalk Minions def Thorgrams Grunts 101-65

Windsor Blood def Cheyenne Mountain Dwarfs 76-65

Haldir's Hellions def Ritterlich Tigers 86-25

Phoenix Legionnaires def Evil Oompaloompas 88-63

The Mystery Men def Gnu G-nomes 57-51

The Lightbringers def Cancer Beaters 80-80* (Lightbringers win due to bench points)



Week 9 Schedule

Ritterlich Tigers at Groo and The Wanderers

Thorgrams Grunts at Autumn Wind

Arizona Cardinals at Cheyenne Mountain Dwarfs

Windsor Blood at Phoenix Legionnaires

The Mystery Men at Cancer Beaters

Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts at Gnu G-nomes

Evil Oompaloompas at Forgewalk Minions

The Lightbringers at Haldir's Hellions

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm in.


The Sox were playing the Yankees, so I had to split time between the draft and baseball, but it's good to be in that time of year again.


I'm a little nervous about how Moss will respond within the Patriots' system, but I think if any team will be able to kick his arse into shape, the Pats can do it.


It was my daughter's first NFL draft too. She sat and watched a good chunk of the first round with me. She already lifts her arms up in response to "Touchdown" and then claps.


She spent most of her first season sitting with daddy on the sofa watching (so much so, my friend was jealous that his son wouldn't sit to watch the superbowl with him).


Just a few more years til she can read and write before I have her playnig fantasy football :lol:

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hey Qwyk, she's gonna be a Jet fan right? :devil::lol:



so any ideas on what to do with keepers? I'm kinda divided on the issue, I want to redo certain things with my team, but want to keep a couple players intact, but I'm good with any decision we all come up with



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Glad to have ya back, Icarus! (And everyone else since I haven't responded to each individual comment!)


The keeper situation is something that will be up for discussion once we figure out how many teams are going to be in the league next season. We'll be discussing that amongst any other issues soon.



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Stuart is in, so that just leaves Team Kelly that I haven't heard from.


I know of 3 or 4 guys that have expressed interest in joining the league. So the question is how do we want to go about adding teams and if we do, how do we handle keepers??

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I can see 1 that'll cut down at least one round of the draft, but really won't kill new players chances of getting a good player.


Thou who ever had "insert star here" last year will have that same star as last year


& no Eli Manning will not be my keeper either :blink:

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