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Reaper Fantasy Football: Season 3


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I should have stood with Marshawn, but honestly, I didn't think Romo would play such a stinker, and the Bills would be forced to throw all night to play catch up.


To know I would have won if I had kept my regular lineup!


Least they fixed the defense points. Could have sworn Jones had a couple receptions though...


Just curious, since our benches are tied, what is the 2nd tie breaker?

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wow looking over the scores this week, we are all close (well except for one game.......)


anther Red Cross donation weekend again, with players goin down like crazy, it is just me or does this year seem like more players are getting hurt, with more severe type injuries?


oh boy 2 - 3 now, I see myself at the end of the year probably around .500 & probably playing either the loser brackets or the main bracket, but losing in the first round, when my team is on, they can score, but when they are off, ughhhh.

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