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Reaper Fantasy Football: Season 3


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Here's how I wanted it to go on the weekend prediction wise:


Steelers over Jags

Titans over Chargers


Seahawks over Redskins

Giants over Tampa


So NFC went my way, AFC didn't.


This week:


Dallas squeak past Giants in an amazing game

Packers roll over Seahawks


Colts breeze past Chargers

Jags pull off the ultimate upset and breakdown the Pats in a closely fought low scoring affair


NFC Game

Dallas eek it out with their superior running game


AFC Game

Depends on injuries, if the Colts are looking close to full strength then they win, otherwise it's a coin toss



Dallas win doesn't matter who they play


I would laugh so hard if the Pats fail in their first playoff game, who cares about the perfect season if you don't follow it up with the Superbowl :D

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Yeah, my playoff picks are just FUBAR after last week.


This week, I'll try again.


Pats def Jags

Indy def SD


NYG def Dal (close one, but Romo crumples under the pressure and Eli has his coming out)

Pack def Hawks (in vintage Favre fashion: 3 TD, 2 INT, 320 yds, and a march downfield with 2:17 remaining to win)


If the Pats don't win the Superbowl, the 16-0 means crap. The cool thing is, even the players feel that way, so I imagine they will be loaded for bear. It's gonna be a rough night for the Jags secondary and the weather should be very mild, which is just perfect for a pass happy offense.

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mine are kinda FUBARED


but in terms of this week's matchups





Giants (ughh pick the lesser of the two evils, ha ha)

Packers (no BUZZARDS in my title game & Josh Brown slips in a puddle of water on the field kicking a long FG & gets electrocuted LOL!!!!)



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Ranzadule, I'd offer you Antonio Gates, but I don't want Romo either :o)


I'm kinda bummed the Giants won.... after not turning up at Wembely I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him :o)


This week, I'm going for the Packers and the Pats to make it to the superbowl.... The Pats are just so up for it, plus the Chargers have injury issues (and they're scum *spits*). And the Packers are just too strong for the lowly Giants to contend with - afterall any team which only beat Miami this season due to a fluke won't stand a chance against Bret Favre unless he throws like 5 picks.

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Mmm, I'll pass on that Ranz, not giving up my runningback duo for Romo.



good choice, never know how Romo will bounce back next year + he does have a tendency to play down the latter half of the season.


Pack vs Bolts--Superbowl (one can hope at least :blues: )



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Wow, my predictions are getting worse, let's see if I can try some reverse psychology:


I think the Pats and the Giants will win!


Therefore it should be a Packers Chargers Superbowl.


Seriously though I can't see he Chargers beating Scum but that said I couldn't see them beating the Colts either.


And with the Giants you never know, they can on their day out perform a team like the Packers, but if Eli gets under pressure it could all be over very quickly. And you know that Farve never says die, so Eli would have to keep his head in the game for the full 60.


My long term prediction, Burress is Superbowl MVP, any extra fantasy points for that?

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