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Reaper Fantasy Football: Season 3


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Well, what a weekend!


Bolts got beat by the Pats, though not hard enough for my liking... only 10 points isn't enough to humiliate the SD scum, though two seasons in a row loosing to the Pats in the playoffs may affect them eventually :o)


I didn't see the Giants being that effective against the Packers.... but to be honest I think the Packers should have won it in OT, they were kinda unlucky there.


I doubt the Giants have the legs or the skill to beat the Pats though. Sure they did face each other in the regular season (I didn't see the game so don't know how it went), and while a few teams did find a weakness in the Pats' schemes on both sides of the ball I think they'll have them pretty well patched if they don't already.


I'd really hoped the Seahawks would meet the Pats in the final, but guess the Giants will have to take the hiding instead :o)

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Actually the Giants were ahead in that game vs the Pats, I think late but then that Brady magic appeared & they pulled out the win. Not even gonna watch this one. Season kinda been a blawww for me anyways, & not just cause the Saints tanked either, just was more interested in Saturday football then Sunday I guess this time around.


I hope the Giants win thou, just to shut up everybody about a 19-0 record & all this & that, kinda got annoying on espn to get the nighty Pats report :rolleyes:



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1985 Bears > Everyone else. Look up the stats. Pats are consistently above average in the era of pairity mediocrity. There are at least two games the Pats were given in the regluar season: Eagles and Ravens and the dropped ball at the goal line by the Jags changed that game AND the idiotic play-calling by Al Gore Norv Turner, gave the Pats that game against an undermanned and injured Chargers team.

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It's plain and simple. The Pats consistently find a way to win, and have done so for a number of years now.

Around here, there is very little talk of 19-0. 16-0 means nothing if you can't win the Superbowl. 19-0 is something to think about after the season is over.


Yeah the Pats aren't super flashy and have shown they are mortal at times, but in the end, all that matters is the W.

When they get the chance to take advantage of a mistake, they do. Good teams capitalize on mistakes, and when they make their own mistakes, minimize the consequences.


It really sucks to see a Team win in an era of collections of individuals.

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I missed the first quarter, but the last three tat I watched were very entertaining for how low scoring it was. Waiting in anticipation to see which team would get that one big offensive play. And I thoroughly enjoyed the evil empire losing, even if I cant stand the Giants either. I have it against the Pats even more. Have no reason to dislike the Pats, just do.


I don't see the Pats going 16-0 in the regular season next year, but I would say at least 12-4.


Meanwhile, have no idea where the Giants go. I figure Strahan finally retires. They will still have a good D. Just not sure what to expect from them. Initially I am gonna guess 11-5 for them next year.

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Yeah I also missed the 1st Quarter but I personally enjoyed what I watched, I always like watching a QB get hit lots by the Defence, whether it’s a sack or a hit after the throw. It felt a bit odd supporting the Giants but that said I had actually watched a lot of their games this season (having Burress and Toomer makes them easier to cheer for) and quite honestly I'd have cheered whoever was facing off against the Pats!


I'll be interested to see how much the salary cap effects the Pats next year, not sure which players will stick around. Maroney certainly made a name for himself in the Post-Season enough to get him to a team that wants to run, whether he'll go is a different question.


As for the Giants, they're still as difficult to predict as they were at the start of the year, but if they can keep their defence operating the way it did last night then I can see them having a good season.


But that Drive from 2.35 was incredible to watch, almost as good as Liverpool’s comeback from 3-0 down against AC Milan 3 years ago.

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Hey everyone...


I know its still early and a while til things start up again, but was just thinking abut it and noticed a couple of things. I havent seen several of our players (including the league organizer) post in a long long time. Just hoping that everyone is still around....


players last post found in the forums:


Icarus - Dec 2007

SOldcorn - today

styates - Dec 2007

Leech - Jan 2008


Nikmal - Dec 2007

Heisler - today

Rylek - Dec 2007

CuCulain42 - May 2008


Ranzadule - June 2008

Qwyksilver - June 2008

Haldir - today

Rupert Oldcorn - Feb 2008


Humansquish - May 2008

Stubbdog - today

Crazy8 - May 2007

Irish Stallion - Sep 2007

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Allot of people that are in the league either don't post here that much or just participate when the season comes around.


Still allot of people that are on that list used to post quite a bit then just dropped off the boards (Rylek I know for sure, as I had him in 2 of my PbP games here)

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Don't worry guys, I'm still here. School and work have bogged me down so much, that I've become only a sporadic lurker at best. I'm planning on getting the league set up soon and you guys should be begging the invites from ESPN once that's finished. I guess we need to find out if there's anybody out there who isn't going to participate this season so that replacements can be found if necessary.

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