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Reaper Fantasy Football: Season 3


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2008 Draft Order:


1. Cheyenne Mountain Dwarves

2. The Mystery Men

3. Phoenix Legionnaires

4. Groo and the Wanderers

5. Thorgrams Grunts

6. Arizona Cardinals

7. Cancer Beaters

8. Windsor Blood

9. Forgewalk Minions

10. The Lightbringers

11. Gnu Gnomes

12. Evil Oompaloompas

13. Autumn Wind

14. Haldir’s Hellions

15. Dwarven Stouts

16. Ritterlich Tigers

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Hey commish! Will you post a summary of what the deal is either new or edit the first post? It would be good to have an easily findable post. THX. I will have my friend draft for me since I will be camping primative style from the 23rd to the 31st.


Romo is still available since I hate him, though not as much as I now hate Favre after the way he has carried himself this offseason. Gimmee something decent for Romo and he's yours!

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Damn, forgot about how soon this is all happening. Vacation has me still playing catch up w/ posts.

I will be available at 3:30 PM EST/2:30 CST on Sunday the 24th for the draft. I have to work the overnight that evening, So I will need to cut out by 9:30 PM EST. I have to double check my team to see who I am keeping and who I am not.

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I went to the ESPN website and looked in our league at the "SETTINGS" and it has several things in there about keepers and draft day and things like that. But they are all set to none or not set or whatnot.


Shouldnt that stuff be set?


or does this have to be done manually every time?


Should we just drop our non keepers now or wait some more?


And I need to hear the official answers to the questions about kickers and such. Is 8 keepers mean keep any 8? Or are we having any limitations inside of that?

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You can keep 8 players on your team.


I haven't set the date because we usually hold our draft on IM and then I add the results manually. You can drop your nonkeepers if you want to, or I can take care of it when I'm entering your entire team after the draft.

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Hello all,


I'm the guy who Rupert has recommended to join up with your fantasy league! 24th is good for me (draft wise). I believe I am taking over the Cheyenne Mountain Dwarves, true no? Can the league admin get in touch so we can sort out me getting on board. Looking forward to FOOTBALL and pounding you all!



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Hey guys. Can each person list their keeps and drops here so that we can all know and plan accordingly.


Are we doing the draft via instant messager? chat? skype?



Oh and I suggest we use this thread thru the draft but then start a new thread fot the new season.

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Evil Oompaloompas


QB Carson Palmer

RB Earnest Graham

RB Jamal Lewis

TE Dallas Clark

WR Marvin Harrison

WR James Jones

K Stephen Gostkowski

D Giants




WR Shaun McDonald

WR Bobby Wade

TE Tony Gonzalez, - gonna keep on roster until draft to see if anyone cares to trade for 100+ pt WR

K Adam Vinatieri, - gonna keep him on the roster until draft to see if anyone cares to trade for 100+ pt WR

D Redskins D/ST

WR Ike Hilliard,

WR Mike Furrey,

RB Aaron Stecker,

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QB Drew Brees

RB Marion Barber III

RB Laurence Maroney

WR Plaxico Burress

WR Laveranues Coles

WR Ted Ginn Jnr.

TE Zach Miller


8th pick is yet to be finalised but looks set to be K Gramatica



K Olindo Mare

WR Terry Glenn

RB Shaun Alexander

RB Deuce McAllister

RB Rudi Johnson

D Broncos


In Limbo for a few more days as I make up my mind:

QB Chad Pennington

RB Sammy Morris

K Martin Gramatica

WR Amani Toomer


Anyone interested in the final four I'm happy to hear trade offers

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