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Warlord tournament discussion


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The point level is announced as 1000, and I noted that a game of this size has around a 10-15 models, and takes about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Why is the time limit 90 minutes?

Games are 5 turns and must be completed within 90 minutes. An imposed time limit encourages players to play at a reasonable speed.

Are there going to be any rules changes to WL between now and the tourney?

I will confirm there currently is a moratorium on game rules changes/releases/updates in effect until after the show.

Will we know what the scenarios are before making our army lists?

Kind of depends if you have lists made already or not. All scenarios will be publicly available before the Tournaments.

Can you expand on how the objective points work?

Do you have to get to a point before your opponent to claim the objective points?

Do you score the point the moment you are on it? Or do you score at the end of the round?

Can you score the point multiple times?

How many such points are typically on the table?

Are they typically around the center of the table? Or are they scattered around so you have to split your forces?

All of these are details that vary with each scenario.
How many points is each objective?
Each scenario has a total of 20 victory points to be divided between the two players based on the objectives for that scenario.
How tight are you with the 1000 point limit ?

Your force list must be between 0-1000 points, inclusive. Lists of 1001 or higher are illegal.

Do our army lists have to be in any specific formatting?

A form will be made available for download, and blank print outs will be on hand on site.

Are the scenarios coming?

We have had a few delays and set backs. We are completely aware of the time remaining before the tournaments and are working to get them out as quickly as possible.

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Initial Questions:


1. Will we know what scenario we are playing before we choose our army list? Will we know our opponent (just not which list they are gonna play)?


2. Does the water in the bridge scenario affect burrowers?


3. On the loot token scenarios, how many tokens can a mode carry?


4. Spells or indirect fire that do not need LOS, are they affected by the fog of war?


5. why are all of the scenarios really dependent on speed? As it is, I expect to see 75% cavalry, flyers, bear riders, etc...

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