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24-Hour D&D Game for Charity


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Our newest charity initiative


Just something cool that we are doing. Thought people might be interested.

At this time I do not think we are accepting anything other then local (Halifax) pledges, but maybe in years to come.


Our original thought was to webcast, but we have determined that was a little ambitious for our first attempt at this.




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Top Posters In This Topic

I'll be playing a Human NE Bard 7 / Assassin 3


Gregorian the Voice of Purity is renowned in the Duchy of Ernst as the most gifted operatic soloist the realm has ever seen. Possessing an almost inhuman vocal range, Gregorian is famous for his ability to dramatically shift from a deep baritone to a rising soprano as musical need dictates. Physically a he has striking presence with his pale, severe yet handsome features framed by a long mass of rich coal-black hair. Tall of frame and possessing a lithe but muscular physique, Gregorian inspires lust in the hearts of women and respect from men of all stations. His most ardent fans spread rumours that Gregorian is in truth a mortal descendant of the god of light.


On stage, his vocal abilities and natural charisma astound the audience as he leads them on an emotional journey from the darkest depths of despair to an almost ascendant joy by the end of the opera. Some audience members throughout the years have claimed to have experienced a spiritual awakening during the shows, and thus was Gregorian dubbed many years ago the "Voice of Purity". A few observant critics have questioned how Gregorian is so able to capture the essence of pure evil so readily in his music. Askul Vale, a minor noble of the realm, once suggested at a post-performance dinner party that Gregorian harboured terrible secrets in his soul "Gregorian" he said, "While you are the most gifted performer I have ever seen, you quite frankly fill me with dread. Your music awakens things in me that I would prefer not to think about. Yes, by the end of the show your song is purifying, but I believe you take pleasure in the destruction of our souls and then rebuilding them in your image. I sense the mood of the audience during your performance, and by the end, their hearts need you to provide their salvation. Only someone who knows the dark intimately could make song such as you do, for I can see in your eyes the love of it." Askul soon after died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 39.


Born in Lower Salteran, Gregorian's journey from the bleakest poverty to his current status as a wealthy and famous bard is a long and mysterious one. Gregorian himself is circumspect about his upbringing and origins as he knows the mystery only increases his appeal to his clients and the masses. Gossip suggests that Gregorian learned his trade in one of the ancient and mysterious monasteries high in the remote hills, where secrets of the gods are closely sequestered. In any event, Gregorian's calling has led him across most of the civilized neighbouring realms and even to Greyhawk city. He returned three years ago to the Duchy, and has been entertaining the rapturous masses and local nobility ever since. His status as an entertainer allows him easy access to all levels of society and he often frequents the homes and offices of the mightiest politicians and noblemen in the realm.


If you can think of any cool ideas for this character let me know :) I really want my charity to get the money (minmum of $120, hopefully a lot more).

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