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Will Reaper ever do 15mm fantasy again?

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There are some other good 15mm ranges out there...


One I just recently discovered is Splintered Light Minis. Some choice picks would be alternate skeleton types (i.e. Dwarven, Orcish, etc), Bugbears(!), Kobolds (a little oversized unfortunately) and a nice range of Garrity sculpted halflings (including on riding dogs!). The "Hyenas" range is good for Gnolls if you're of the D&D bend...


Another is Essex Miniatures, which makes some nice figures, including more traditional halflings (in waistcotes, etc).


One range I've bought quite a bit from is 15mm/Alternative Armies. All of my current orcs are from them. I also have most of the dwarven range, which while is not my cup o' tea, is still very well sculpted.


Then there's Magister Militum that resells the older Chariot range (bulky figures, halflings are rather overweight), along with some monsters...


Finally, Old Glory 15s/19th Century Miniatures makes the Black Raven Foundry, which has some good figures (dwarves are pretty good, though I don't care much for the elves...really I don't care much for most ranges elves these days in this scale).


I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but that's a good overview...


For human figures, I'd just as soon use historicals (Hundred Years War and War of the Roses make a good match...)



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