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Reaper Speed Painting at Gen Con!

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Gen Con Indy 2007 Event Registration is open!


Reaper is sponsoring 6 rounds (make that 7 including the Championship round on Sunday) of speed painting at Gen Con Indy (THANK YOU REAPER as always!). Go sign up! It only costs one ticket ($1.50) and you get to keep the mini.


Here's the description and the session id numbers..


MHE00142 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 1 8/16/2007 13:00

MHE00143 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 2 8/16/2007 14:00

MHE00144 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 3 8/17/2007 13:00

MHE00145 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 4 8/17/2007 14:00

MHE00146 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 5 8/18/2007 13:00

MHE00147 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 6 8/18/2007 14:00


You can come watch the pros speed paint on Friday evening at 6:30. Aces VI: Charity Speed Paint and Auction is an annual event and excuse for 10 great mini-painters to have some fun, show their talents, and raise some money for charity. For one hour they paint their hearts out, try to keep from laughing too much (slows down the painting), and then the miniatures are auctioned off as one lot in the Gen Con Charity Auction. Miniatures provided by Reaper Miniatures, prep and display base by Dragon Forge Designs. It’s fun from both sides of the table, so come and cheer your favorite painters! Friday 6:30 pm in the Speed Paint Arena.


There are lots of other great Miniature Hobby Events (MHE) too like the Paint & Take that you'd probably like to check out while you're in Indy. And lots of great classes taught by some of your favorite painters you can sign up for. Just do a search of the Gen Con catalog, gametype "MHE", and you'll get a list of awesome classes. Hurry though, the popular ones will go fast!


Session 4 of Reaper Speed Paint only has 3 seats left!


hope to see you there!


debby ::D:


p.s. and of course, don't forget about the Gen Con Painting Competition. Get those entries ready!

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