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Inking Gold?

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I recall someone saying to look on a color wheel & the color opposite yellow is the color to use for shading, but I'm not 100% sure on that one.


I usually go with brown or smoke (like Flynn) when I do yellows & or golds



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I have been trying other colors and a very thin wash of purple over a regular brown shading wash gives a nice tone to gold paint. Also a chesnut color can work really well, depending on what the gold is surrouned by (the other colors on the mini)





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I've used chestnut to fairly good effect but the metal comes out a little... bight? Yellow and orange aren't bad and I have a 'special' mix I sometimes use but it's a little too orange and too bright requiring almost another complete cover up of the inking.


Brown though eh?


And I do have smoke. I'll have to give those a try next time I'm working on some dwarves I have.

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