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<sergei rocks back and forth>

rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming..rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming...rauthauros is coming


<focasing on not exploding>

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Ok! Now I have my Icy-cold Diet Coke, and I'm ready for more!


Picture 4: The phenomenal detail work on his bracers, as well as giving him TOTAL VIKING DEMON POWER, will inspire fear in both mini-painters and your enemies over and over again!



Picture 5: This is just but one of his phemoninn -- finomman-- really neat weapons! Um, Yeah, I can't spell that word. Get over it.



Picture 6: Check out the texture on that fiendish skin! Man, give this fella some moisturizer, because those pores are a nightmare! And the horns! Buddy, you need a full body Manicure, pronto! /giggle.




Ok. Well, I think this officially establishes a pattern. You'll the final 3 after I make you wait a few more, sadistic, cruel, and utterly selfish minutes!

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Ok, well, It turns out that I don't have the time it takes to tease you properly. I could, therefore, wait until MONDAY to show you the final 3, or, I could bit the bullet and just show them.


Picture 7:So what do you say about what may the most sacriest kick-buttest sword ever held by an infernal creature? you say "uhhhhhhh . . ." (and drool a lot)!!



Picture 8: Whoah! I have to take that back! *This* sword - cleft from purest obsidian and infused witht he power of the souls of brush-lickers everywhere - is the baddest-buttest-sword ever!





Wow. I may have to breathe before I can show the last picture - you know, the one where I show you the whole thing with as many parts as I could hold together (which, admittedly, is only the body, head, and wings, no weapons or tail, but hey - It's either that or destroy the green accidentally, right??) so that you guys an form some sort of overall impression . . .


I'm going off to breathe. Be right back.

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Picture 9: Almost the whole thing, or as close as I could get.






























Oh yeah, and I made it really small, because I really enjoy the power trip . . .
























Still scrolling?


























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