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Woohoo, my wife just ordered the box o' 24 miniatures that goes with the Klingon Border box for my Christmas present. I know what I'm taking to Minnesota with me when we visit the in-laws. :)



A Parka... LOL

Parka? Try arctic snowsuit. I've become rather acclimatized to Texas.

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Fry (shouting): This isn't Yemeni! It's Sulowesi! And the cup's shaking I don't want my coffee shaking!


Bender: You seem a tad wound up buddy. And your face is greasy! Real greasy. You been up all night?


Fry: Of course I've been up all night! Not because of caffine it was insomnia I couldn't stop thinking about coffee I need a nap. [He goes to sleep for less than a second and wakes up and grabs a cup of coffee.] Coffee time!

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