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Adventurer's Guild Hall - Entryway

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Well, since Nissiana is at work, I'll pick up the ball here and show pics of our plaster workstation. To be fair, she does most of the casting and building, but I know enough of what goes on here to give the tour.


The casting station is built on a small folding table from BB&B. On top of the table is a vibrating platform, made large enough for six or so molds by sticking a computer tower side panel on top. The vibrating platform is great for knocking air bubbles out of the plaster after it's been poured. To the left of the table are the various mixing cups and so forth...although you do have to be fairly precise with Merlin's Magic, Nissiana has put together a set of cups for measuring...there's one cup with markings (fill plaster to the first line, then water to the second), but the markings are accurate only when you put a second cup inside the first...that way, the marked cup never gets plastery and gross, never needs replacing, and so forth. Above the table is a shelf with baskets of molds, then some drawer units from Home Despot full of cast bricks. Out of frame is the food dehydrator we use to accelerate the drying process.




On the other side of the room is the building/painting station for plaster (yes, that means there's another paint station for pewter! You can see it in the workstation pictures thread). This is an old IKEA drafting table, dropped to a flat surface (a table with a rake is great for technical drawing, but not so good for building castles), with a variety of fairly self-explanatory objects strewn about...the piece in the middle is a companion for the entryway, a garden courtyard that I'm landscaping right now. The shelving unit to the left is the in-process shelf of shame...there are many, many more bits of pewter with primer or less in drawers elsewhere, but what's here are actual "current" projects, most of which have at least a dab of paint on them.



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