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ReaperCon buzzkill.

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Dude, suckola. Glad no one was home for them to try and hurt while they were at it.


I had my car busted into and so I know you miss stuff. It took me 3 days to realize they got all my CD's and my player. I was too blown away by all my jewelry supplies, and my clothes being gone. Yes clothes, green chords, sweatshirt, tanktop, pj's, seriously, I needed those.



It's time to start removing warning labels from things and see how many of these dummies weed themselves out of the gene pool...


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I am in favor of this. and Retroactive Abortion. If they are still totally stupid morons at 25, take it back.

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I have a .45 and a shovel. They will not be missed. :devil:


Wild Bill :blues:


Markmanship is never having to say "I missed you."

And gun control is being able to hit your target.



who needs gun control when you can swing a bat?


sorry your weekend ended like poo.

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Bats? guns? Who needs those when you can take cans of shaving cream, immerse them in liquid nitrogen and then throw them at the individual(s). Can busts open on target unloading a whipping mess of shaving cream which them immobilized the scumdemons. Might I add it has the extra bonus attack of freeze burning? That would be a +10 to your attack roll. The odd things one learns in College Chemistry.


Sorry to hear about your bummer let down from the con. Thieves suck.

I'll second the motion that you get some extra security installed. Dumb thieves like those will unfortunately possibly return unless thoroughly deterred.

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Bummer man.


Not to bring you down further, but now that they've been into your place, and have seen your guitar room, they might think about coming back. My truck got hit two weeks in a row. My best friends got hit 3 times in 3 months.


Beef up your security. Both to keep them from getting more, and to help with your peace of mind - the feeling of violation just outright sucks.

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