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for those who ordered something online over the weekend


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For anyone who placed an order online while the con was going, you might find a nice surprise on your packing slips.


The boxes (and there were *many*) were packed up by the guest artists this morning. Some of you may find some familiar names (or initials) in the "pulled by" field.


Assuming all of us were signing both sheets.


And assuming you can read the writing.


I know I saw Werner Klocke signing a few of them.


There was also a very large order that was signed by all of the sculptors, since the person who made the order had figures from every sculptor in attendance.


Some cool stuff there. ::):

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How cool.


I have to say that all the artists and sculptors are the most awesome group of people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. They won't hesitate to take a break, sit down, and just chit-chat with you for a while.


So save those packing slips, post them if you can. If you can't read it, maybe someone else can discern it for you.

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I know that I packed the boxes for Whyspyr, Kelcore, Remy Sojirou, and Valloa.


One of those was an epic box. I'm not going to say what was in it, but it took me nearly 30 minutes to fill it. In fact, one mini needed to be cast up and packaged (by Talin), and he had it ready for me before I pulled everything.


Those are just a few of the boxes I handled.

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I'd love to get mine today, but the chances are it will get here Friday. So I'm going to have to bounce back and forth between the con and home to se "is it here yet, is it here yet?"


The thought of a Sandra or Werner or Derek signature is sooo cool (of course I will then missout on the odd notes Bryan sends me)

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Mine should be arriving today or tomorrow if UPS behaves accordingly. I'll have to see who packed mine up.


that's easy, I did. :devil::ph34r: mhuahahah!


Trying to decide if I should be afraid or excited now... :lol:


Now to think of some silly extra contents:

  • 1 bottle Shiner Boch (empty) with signed note from Thursday evening attendees
  • Personalized new Key Fob: "I survived 30 diapers instead of RCon '07" On the reverse: "My favorite mini isn't in metal"
  • 6 RPG character sheets with large red ink stamp "DEAD" and a picture of Bryan smiling over his TPK with a sign that says: "Send more PC's"
  • One fuzzy Sonic Breakfast Burrito
  • Letter from Texas Sheriff's Office: "Thank you for not bringing your Mass driving onto our highways."


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