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Dave's Reapercon photo album


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These are great.

I also want to thank you for sharing! I didn't get to attend so these pixs are really the next best thing.


I think Sgt. Crunch had a great idea to combine these albums into a single thread. Would that be possible?

It would make perusing the whole event so much easier.


If others are in agreement, could a Moderator do this for us please?


Many Thanks


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Dave, you mentioned Reaper Tanks in the captions for three of the photos. Can you elaborate more on them?


At this point they are just conversions of existing models. A concept model that will never see the light of day on a store shelf. However, should Reaper decide to move forward with this project, there will probably be armored vehicles in the game system. The zombie tanks have their own perpetual power system (the various poles and projections you see on the concept models). Exactly how they work into the game mechanics and backstory fluff is a work in progress.



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