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I'm an avid D&D player and DM, and have been since it was released. †After this long while, I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier, and prettier, if I have lotsa minis. †That being said, I'm stocking up on minis, and so far Dark Heaven is my favourite (Chainmail's nice, but too expensive).




As a DM I continually throw things against my players such as:


a necromancer, 3 wights, and 12 skeletons

an ogre mage, 4 ogres, 6 trolls, 18 bugbears (or orcs)

an evil cleric, 3 fantastic fighters, 24 low-level fighters


So as you can see, I run into a bit of a problem. †I can fill out the first two ranks with individual minis, but once I hit 6 or more, I've got a problem. †I see the reaper dark heaven army packs have 4 minis per pack, but there are only two different styles - and it doesn't appear that their limbs are glued on (which allows for greater variations). †Granted, I could take, in the case of skeletons, three different packs and thus 6 different mini styles, which is acceptable, but I would like to have all the minis pose in their own unique way. †Also, there's very few bugbears from what I've seen ...


Anyhow, what I was looking for was a pack of 30 or more of the "fodder" minis for D&D - skeletons, zombies, orcs, goblins, human fighters, elf fighters, archers, and bugbears. †(And I mean 30 of each, of course). †Does Reaper have any plans for this? †Or at least expanding the number of army packs?


Anyone else interested in this sort of thing?


I also just wanted to send a little "tip" to Reaper - bugbears make fantastic fodder in D&D once you get past 6th level, which is probably most people who play. †I'm in 3 groups, and we all use them a lot. †Coming out with a lot of bugbears might be a good idea ...



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You can take it upon your self to "modify" some of your minis. There is a lot of great talent on this forum and they would be more than happy to  "corrupt'....errr I meand teach you how to modify you minis. Skeletons are easy as you can just bend their arms around for new poses. The others take a bit more work.

Lady Tam

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I recently got a four pack of ghouls. Two of them had a staff of sorts. I cut one of them from the base, twisted the hand so the "staff" was pointing forward, filed away the head to make it into a spear, and there goes one conversion. The other two had raised clubs of sorts. I ben one of the arms down and forward, and bent the miniature from the waist slightly to give it a hunched look. I also removed a stone that one of his feet was resting on, so this brought the mini down even lower. The other one, I bent back from the waist and neck, and bent the arm up from the shoulder so the club was raised higher. Eventhough they are all painted in the same color scheme, they look different at first sight, which is really all you need.


You can always replace weapons as well.


I will confess this though, I got a zombie regiment from the evil empire, and eventhough they are plastic, they are very fun to put together in all sorts of different poses. If Reaper were to take on similar army approaches with metal miniatures, that would indeed be awesome.

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more of the "fodder" minis for D&D

I know in the DHA non-army packs there are a few multi-mini packages that might help flesh out what you want.  Kobalds #2470, Goblins #2481, are the two that I was thinking of off the top of  my head.   I'm sure you already looked into those, and I'm being redundant.



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Fodder packs of uncommon races (ie something else than orcs and skeletons there's plenty of those anyway) would be an interesting idea.


Here are some useful critters from D&D 3rd Ed I would find very useful (some names would need changing of course) :

Bugbears, Formians, Goblins, Gnolls, Grimlocks, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Kuo-toas,  Locathahs, Mephits, Ogres, Sahuagins, Shadows, Troglodytes.

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It would also be cool for Reaper to do an army pack as described. A big cleric, 2 to 3 big fighters, and a horde of zombies and skellies.


... a big gang of dwarves... a big gang of bugbears, etc. ...


I know I'd buy it... I've bought almost everything else! :)


<---- needs to go to Reapanon. "Hi. My name is Michael... and I paint miniatures."  :D

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Hmm, well ...


My intention wasn't really a true "army pack" in terms of a leader, two or three minions, and a group of fodder. †I was mostly concerned about the fodder.


I can pick out the leader and minions on my own, and I don't think I'd want to be constrained by liking the fodder, but not the leader, or vice versa.


ladystorm: Thanks, I have already seen those. †I guess I would like more of those - 5 bugbears in one package - and not one with a "command pack"! †My monsters typically don't come in with drums and a standard! †I do like the kobolds, and that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of - though once my players get past 3rd level, they rarely see a kobold.


BeardedSkald hit it right on the nose - that's exactly what I'd like. †All my players fight monsters mainly, and while Reaper is fantastic for the 'niques, I'm having problems filling out my fodder ranks - I usually use small dice. †I saw the ones from GW (zombies, skellies, skaven, elf archers, empire, and so on) - and that's exactly what I'm looking for, but a higher quality, and a different monsters - gnolls and bugbears are my two favourites.


Given the new state of 3E, and the cancellation of Chainmail (which didn't fit the bill anyhow for fodder - sure they had gnolls, but very $$$ and mostly 'niques).


As for mods - yipes, I'm cringing at that. †Probably when I get a bit more experience with them, sure. †But I'm very leery about trying it, and ruining one of my minis!



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As for mods - yipes, I'm cringing at that.  Probably when I get a bit more experience with them, sure.  But I'm very leery about trying it, and ruining one of my minis!


I agree, modding your own minis is scary!


So next time you're over at a friends house and he gets distracted by something, waltz over to his miniatures table, grab one, and just twist it's arm.  There.  That was easy, wasn't it?  Try another one... Ta-da!  Not as hard as you thought it would be is it?  Try bending the neck on that Gauth model of his... Whoops!  Sucker snapped right off didn't it?  Oh well, the best part is, a little epoxy and you can fix it up.


Seriously though, I ventured into the world of miniatures modding just a few years ago myself (and I've been collecting and painting since 1983...)


I was putting together a Wood Elf army for THAT game and they didn't have a wood elf mage on a warhawk at the time... so I decided I would make one.  The bottom of the archer was a seperate piece from the top so all I'd have to do is find a top that would fit and cut it off it's bottom.  It's not the best work I've done, but it was passable and I got quite a few compliments on it that year.  And it was easier than I thought.


Once you get the first one or two done you'll find yourself modding them left and right and coming up with all kinds of cool ideas for them.  Maybe even kit-bashing stuff.


The first couple are scary, so just stick to simple things.  Perhaps bending an arm, cutting off a hand at the wrist and re-attaching it in a different angle.  Those procedures are much easier than they seem to be at first.  You'll just want to spend a little time planning and performing the mods.  But once you complete one or two, and people notice the fact that they are modded, you'll want to mod more!  Trust me!


Sometimes my work bench looks like a mad scientists lab with bits and piece of various figs everywhere...


But it's all worth it the first time someone says, "Wow!  I have this fig and you've changed it!" or "Whoa, who makes that fig?  Reaper?  No way, I know all their stuff and I've never seen anything like that!"  It's a warm fuzzy feeling for sure!

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For modding, then, what do you use to get a clean cut?  I can do the bending, I would guess, since I've had to bend minis back into their original positions (since they're bent in the packages).  I can't think of what to use to cut them though.  I would think that an exacto knife is quite a crude tool for that.  Is there something specialized?


Note I'd still prefer a pack of 10 bugbears or 12 gnolls! :)



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Yeah, word up with zyzzyr on the clean cuts.  Right now I'm using my fiance's manicure set of scissors, nail file and some other scissor/wire cutter device thing.  Although all I've had to use them for is to remove large strands of loose metal and excess bits.

  And as to not ignore the original purpose of this thread:    yes different styles of army packs would be cool:


disgrunteled peasants-(mentioned earlier)

evil wizards/necromancers with undead following



That's really all I had to write/say. :)

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