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Army packs


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They're like a halfling cross skaven that actually *looks* like a rodent and doesn't have superfluos amthropomorphic eyebrows. No pics, sorry. They're very cute. The range included a cavalry mousling on a scooter, ha! but I never got him, alas!


And no, they didn't come in an army pack, but they would make EXCELLENT shock troopers. I mean, scouts. If they were to come out in an army pack (hee hee) I would very much like to see a cavalry pack as well!

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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to let you know that yes, we are reading these posts; forgive our late replies!


Anyhow, there are no plans to produce Army Packs of Gnolls or Bugbears at this time. † † :(


The savings wouldn't be all that much, and there wouldn't be any new figures to introduce into the pack anyways. †I don't have any plans to make any new gnoll or bugbear characters either...unless somebody really twists my arm! †:)


No new plans to produce additional packs with more than 4-5 figs in the Army Pack range either, so if you need 30 skellies, you might just have to buy 6 army packs of 5...


Hope I didn't rain on anybody's parade, but that's the status as of now...

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