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Astrid The Anti-Goth

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So after a few "no's", my friend decided that I wouldn't sell her my Astrid. So she decided I needed to paint one for her.

But then she decided to make it the Anti-Goth Bard.

Linen White shirt, White gloves & boots, light Buckskin pants, Gold trim, Strawberry Blonde Hair, Fair Skin, Blue 'lute' with stars.


Well other than one minor setback, she's been going pretty well. I have to do the 'figity bits' (bags, scrolls, vials, nails) and the stars on the 'lute', but other than that she's pretty well done.


Which is good, because I decided to enter her in the Master's Division of our local Con, (bummer of winning BiS a few years ago) which happens to start tomorrow.


Without further ado, I present Signy Faeriel:





bonus points to guess the nickname for the character based on her full name...



edit: the pic was taken before I finished the lute (minus stars and strings)

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Well I got her done, and hopefully will get photos up in the next day or so. I want to do a little tweekifying of the lute back, but it was good enough for competition.


The general consensus is that her pants must have been paint rollered on, there were several people who thought she was bare butt-ed due to skin tight pants-ness.


The 3 entries in the masters were great this year (we would have had 4 but FreeFall couldn't make it out). Out of 31 votes (and I handed out 120 ballots, so that was sad) I took 1st, CthulhuBob took 2nd and FreeSoldier took 3rd. They were numbered, not named, and I spent the weekend refusing to tell anyone (except the owner) which one was mine. It made me feel good.

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