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+2 CP for Friendly Discussion

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Come on, show some support and give Gus a shot.


If you have the magic solution to the Crusaders spit it out?


Making their faction ability strictly function against undead is laughable, given that it will only work against a small portion of the models in the game. No sooner will you ask for it then you'll start complaining that it doesn't work against everyone.


Other suggestions?


I'm aware of what Gus might have planned, I think you should wait until you see, and give it a good play test before any of you start getting upset and crying foul. I think it is a very reasonable fix, and satisfies some of your other desires as well (Gus has been more than willing to take on board our ideas, so lets hear his).

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My comments were a bit tongue in cheek, but also due to some frustration with every rule change seeing Mercy being changed as well. Mercy just got worse (by being either TOO good, or just useless) when there was really no reason not to change it from the original version. I have plenty of faith in Gus coming up with something viable.


But this is also a Discussion about adjusting Non-Attack Spells, not Crusader Faction abilities. We've already discussed them quite a bit in the Faction thread, where such discussions belong.

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