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Yeti summer coat vs Yeti winter coat perhaps?


Indeed - the darker was interesting - but I was trying for the lighter shade - to accent the blue in his flesh. That and I want to work on snow basing...


I just think its neat to see the two versions on top of each other. Maybe I'll pick up a few more - make a wookie party!

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think this looks great, especially lightened up. I think you are right on dry brushing this, fur is fine to dry brush, you just want to stay away from dry brushing smooth skin and other smooth surfaces, you would be crazy( or have a lot of time on your hands) to not dry brush so don't feel ashamed, it came out great. All I do on fur is paint it white, than what ever color i want it, say tan or light grey, than just wash it with a darker color, its just as easy as dry brushing but you don't get caked on paint or as much damage for brushes. Also don't be afraid to experiment with using washes of a different color, this dragon for instance was an expirment, it was painted with solid light colors painted down its back in stripes, then the arms and legs were painted solid, then simply washed with purple, hehe.


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Wow - Thread necromancy!


PTF - Thanks man... (As 'Right Said Fred' plays in the background...)


Ironworker - Gracias when I was looking at this guy last night I feel alot better about him now that I haven't looked at him in 3+ months...


Ayin - Let me consult a cryptozoologist and get back to you ::D: .


(Oh - and like most of my minis - he isn't based yet... :blush:)

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my input, as useless as it is :blink: darker yetis are "BIGFOOTS", ya paint them brown :rolleyes:


lighter makes better yeti otherwise your cryptozoologist would be a zoologist as we'd find the bugger in the snow! ::P:


drybrushung fur rules!!! :grr: shhh don't tell Anne I actually said that :wacko:


seriously, the only thing you might have tried - years ago I did a frost giant couple and started thier hair in a sky blue with a blue wash and a white "hsurbyrd"(<--encrypted to hide from Anne) ::D: to finish it off and it came out really sharp. (pls don't ask for pictures that was long ago and they have gone to lost mini heaven with ALL my old minis).



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