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Summer mini exchange 07

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So, um, I never received a mini in this exchange. Was I supposed to? It's been 3 months since the end date.... :unsure:


I never did either. I was cautioned by others though, so it's my own fault. I'm just writing it off and not doing another.


Geesh! And to think, I felt guilty being one day late mailing mine out.

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It's never about the getting for me, it's the painting and the accomplishment of trying to exactly match what the recipient wants but doesn't know he wants.


Maybe I came off the wrong way. Sorry about that. I guess I am kinda bitter, but maybe not for the reason you think.


I really wasn't having any "gimmie" thoughts when I made that post. To be honest when I signed up it was mostly to try and force myself to post pics of stuff that I had done. I'm very self concious of my work and I knew that if I made a commitment that i would follow through with it and eventually my stuff would end up in show off. Trying to over come my insecurities, ya know what I mean? I also knew that there was a possiblity that I would not get a mini back, and I was then and am still 100% cool with that. That wasn't why I signed up. I would have been more than happy to paint annonymously for chairity or whatever. Heck, I even offered to CBP that if she had alot of minis that she owed to folks who got jipped in the previous exchange that I was willing to paint a few of them for her.


I guess I was just disappointed that yet again someone failed to live up to a commitment they had made. My undying philosophy is "let your yes be yes, and your no be no.". I other words, don't tell me you're gonna do something and then bail out. It's fine for people to not be sure, or to say "maybe", but don't make promises you can't keep. Or if you run into unforseen problems, (because we all know-- life happens) at least be polite enough to tell someone so they are not dangling forever, expecting something that they ain't never gonna get.


Okay, now I gotta go burn my soapbox. Please forgive me if I've been rude. I just get cranky sometimes.

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Yeah, with these exchanges it's usually a safe bet that someone isn't going to follow through.


On the one I ran several years ago, I had vowed to paint for anyone who didn't receive a mini. I ended up painting something like 15 extras. That was about a third of the participants in that round.


Now I only do private exchanges, and even then I haven't done anything for the two people I told at ReaperCon last year that I'd paint something for. I also owe one to someone else from about a year prior to that. Then again, I haven't gotten anything from those people, either, so I'm not feeling to terribly guilty about it.

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Me, too. This was the fifth exchange I participated in and the only one that I didn't receive a mini in, so I guess that's not to bad, but it still is a little upsetting. I agree with ML, at least follow through or let someone know you're going to be late or that you can't do it. That would be better that nothing.


John Lee

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I now practice some thread necromancy... I have finished my mini for my exchange partner. Finally. Really.


He knows that I'm painting for him, and the reasons why mine was so late this time around. So, let it be a lesson to anyone that hasn't finished theirs and is thinking that it's too late now; it's never too late to make good on your promise. And in finally being able to paint and finish this one, it makes me want to paint another.



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