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Summer mini exchange 07

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Okay, I haven't updated for a while-sorry. I'm organizing everything and getting it all put together so I can send assignments out on the night of the 16th (I work on the 16th). Just a heads up-please keep in mind that I am a full time college student, I have a life, a job, a husband, friends, volunteer work, and other obligations. Much as I love you all and would love to paint a mini for each and every one of you, I neither have the time, or the money to buy all those minis. If I have too many problems with people not following through with their obligation, an obligation they CHOSE, I will tone down the exchanges considerably. While I'm happy to do multiple exchanges a year, I also don't want to be painting 50 minis a year for other folks when I receive three or four. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN'T FULFILL YOUR OBLIGATION! I AM MUCH MORE UNDERSTANDING IF YOU CONTACT ME THAN I AM IF I HAVE TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!

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