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Summer mini exchange 07

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---Mine was shipped in a very padded box last weekend.

took 8 hours to finish, not counting dullcoat and wrapping.


and a note, All a' ya; please be more specific than "please paint ANYTHING!!!!"

anything? .....i was tempted to convert a naked cave troll and give him leprosy, elephantitis, and boils...


as it was, i summoned a DEMON!!! (odd, since i hate the [email protected] things!)


i'd say i have done better paint jobs, but this one passes for good.

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:ph34r: Using my elite ninja skills, I found out what my victim was currently painting and...


... chose something not even remotely similar to it. ::D: The not having a preference thing kinda made it hard to choose a mini, so I chose one I wanted to paint anyway. But c'mon... who doesn't love a Klockenelfie?! (except Spike..)

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I did a small complain about it my first exchange go round... I dont have a problem with the "paint anything". If the person has been around a while, I generally have gotten to know the person enough thru general conversations and can find something to fit. I have more of a problem when its a paint anything by someone who has been on the boards a long time but never posts a thing so i dont know anythin about them to be able to even start to get a clue.


I like the idea of the exchange as being a gift swap between friends. And its very easy to want to spend my time and energy and do my best when it is someone I know and post and discuss things with on a daily basis on here. And have become friends with. But, it is equally hard to give it my all and spend that extra little time to get something juuust right, when it is going to someone that only posts once every other month and doesnt participate, and I really have no idea anything about them.


Not saying that everyone has to be a blabber mouth like me, just saying that for me, there are a few keywords in teh phrase "exchange gifts with friends".


Not that I did a good job with my wordng here, but my wording the first time was much worse, and I got flamed pretty good, for wanting to tell people that to participate in the exchanges, means that they also need to actually participate in the boards too.


But, in the end, I resign myself to the fact that I am painting to get better no matter who the model(s) are going to. And I have really enjoyed the models I have painted this go round and a not looking forward to giving them up, no matter whom they are going to.

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[i am one of the 'paint anything' guys.


I would rather you pick something that you enjoy painting. Makes me easy to match up, and I have no clue what I am getting before it gets here - CAV, Werewolf, Crusader ???? I have pretty much all the minis I would ever need, so, surprise me is the best answer for me.


I am sure I will use whatever it is in some game (CAV, D&D, Warlord).



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I said 'No preference' as well... But then again - I just like to paint and see painted mini's - so it didn't matter what I got.


My recipient listed several options to narrow the field - but left it open otherwise.


He said pirates - so I painted a pirate 'cause I wanted to paint a pirate!


I thought no preference would make things easier.


Next time I'll be more specific.


(mini request: 03039: Kain Swiftblade. I keed I keed ::P: ... besides, I already have him...)

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I hear what you are saying stub... but maybe it's a blessing that you didn't realize was a blessing. I bet you did great just the same.


Now, if I am allowed to specify, I'd like a Rauthuros on some sort of a brimstone & hell-fire base with Light-sourcing and lava and flames and craggy rocks... ::D:

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... I have more of a problem when its a paint anything by someone who has been on the boards a long time but never posts a thing so i dont know anythin about them to be able to even start to get a clue.

you said it there...that's the kind i got.


What did i find? Female...has friends...likes painted mini's...


was tempted to convert a hippie chick, but decided not to.


was tempted to paint a dryad or cutesy elf, but that really isn't me....


the Naked cave troll needed to have a concealed camera inside of it so i could not just see the look on her face, but put her reaction on the net!!!!



but hey, i DID have fun....

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Yeah, I was one of those "anything" types, too. :blush: I tried to give a range of preferences, but they are so varied... And if whoever got my name doesn't like painting dragons or horses or barbarians, and I list those things, then they may feel kinda obligated to do it anyway. Not what I want to do to someone who's painting a mini for fun for me.


What I really want when I receive my mini is a piece someone had fun painting. As I make my living with my art, I know that when a customer gives me a lot of freedom, I have more fun drawing and tattooing it, and the piece comes out even better as a result. The mini I get will go up on my shelf, along with any other exchange minis I get, and be used for inspiration and enjoyment. So I really am fine with just about anything. Except CAV. ::P: (although I've been tempted to pick one up and put a flame job or something on it...)



The person I'm painting for was pretty open, too. So I looked up minis in the figure finder and picked one that inspired me to paint it. And I hope to have him done next week!!

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