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Pirates 3


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Caught the third Pirates film over the weekend!

Wasn't too keen on the second one, but I liked this one quite a bit better.

Lots of swashbuckling action with humor at the right moments to break the tension...

My only complaint is that they could have cut about thirty minutes out somewhere.

The critics had some harsh words, but I give it a thumbs up!


So, without giving away anything, how did everyone else like it?

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just returned from seeing this one...I still can't stand Knightley, and I wish Bloom would start showing some decent acting chops (unlike Knightley, I think he's capable of it), but overall this installment is not as good as the first, but hand and fist better than the second.


Some really fun twists and turns here, excellent special effects, Jack the Monkey is awesome as always (as are Pintel and Ragetti, not to mention their Royal Navy counterparts), and Geoffrey Rush is one of the most amazing actors out there.


I thought the pacing was perfect except for one moment that lasted about five seconds too long (b/t Will and Liz, you'll know the one)...and be sure to stick through the credits.


Jack's back! Yay!

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Take what I say with a grain of salt, as I am on a huge anti-hackywood kick right now.


It was worse then the second one, which was worse then the first. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY to long, they could have summed it all up in half the time and made it more enjoyable. What was that the ship just sailed through? Oh it was a plot hole. Funniest scene, shivering monkey. My GF does give it two thumbs up, but just about any movie with Depp in it will get her approval.

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I thought it was ok, but it had the benefit of coming off of a bad sequel. I thought the final battle was disappointing:



We've got two fleets of ships, but instead of showing a huge cinematic battle, we only see the Dutchman and the Pearl duel. No other fighting happens



They should've went the whole nine yards with Bloom's character:



He's already started betraying the group, go the whole way. Let him be a bad guy, Lord knows you've screwed around with all the other characters



I still hate Knightly. I don't think she can act, period:



She must've taken some of that practice she got throwing hissy fits from the second one and went to the writers. Now her character is a freakin' pirate LORD? She goes from spoiled annoying brat to charismatic leader that gives the heroic bard speech. It's about as believeable as the idea of Swann becoming a successful pirate lord and leading an armada into battle.



Sparrow's back to being ambiguously good instead of the ambiguous evil from the second one. Keith Richards as his father was entertaining:



His last name is Teague. I could've sworn that there was a famous pirate with the last name of Teague.



Barbossa was the most entertaining character to me, he gets a bit more personality and development in this one. Hell, he almost upstages Sparrow in the one-liner department.


If the second movie hadn't been so bad, I probably would've hated this one. It is nearly 3 hours long and just has far too many "wait, what?" moments.

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I started looking at my watch about 45 minutes into it thinking "I'm not even halfway done yet?" Blah. I was bored almost to tears by the end of the movie. They should have ended after the first movie.


Now, if you want to see a good movie, go rent Little Miss Sunshine. I laughed my butt off during that movie! :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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It felt like watching an RPG session on film.

in other words, odd timing and twists, with alot of wierdness for spice...


bored...well, there was the Singapore fight, then you had a thing with beckett talkign smack to DJ, then the world's end thing (some action, alot of what are we doing?), then the partly surreal part with Sparrow (i like how they introduce him. gives a whole new meaning to 'go kill yourself'), and then...


errr, what scene bored you? i know Will and Liz aren't the coolest characters...

i felt calm vs. action, but bored i was not.


they had some creative ideas they pulled off nicely.

the intro pulled me off guard.

the show did make DJ's Locker seem like a hard-to-get-to bad vacation spot, and the final battle reminds me of an L5R iaijitsu duel (where two 'men' enter combat for the sake of an 'army')

plus, the parachute thing...and the 'monkey shot' thing...and...

what the heck did Calypso say anyway?


so, it has it's flaws.


My favorite was the MUSIC. yes, we hear symphonic stuff all the time in the movie biz, but this one had some very pleasing movements...especially the "world's end theme" and "rock the boat" theme...

on this, i cannot be stomped.


but overall, i liked it.


i'll give it a 3.75 on principle.

(0-5 scale)

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seen it last night, I liked it, then again I loved the 2nd one. I've only seen 2 movies in the theater the past year or so, P2 & P3. I go to movies in the theater for action & stuff, so this one fit the bill. I'll watch the mystery, tearjerker, indie films on my tv.


the movies does bog down in some areas, but the action scenes do make up for that. The final action scenes are great, but I agree there should have been more ships involved, have the Pirate lords fighting the other ships, granted you can't have ship to ship like say a space battle or air battle but have anther ship in the Armada take on the Spanish lord's ship.


Some of the effects were a bit of letdown like the ships on the horizon, with all the tech they have (heck Davey Jones for example) they couldn't show clear shots of the ships,

like during the Parlay (thou DJ standing in a bucket was a hoot). I think one of the letdown for me was Jack,

the parts with multiple Jacks was a bit long

, like they tried to hard to have more Jack in the movie (thou the peanut was great)


Keith's part is great, Keith makes a great pirate. & yah it's a movie & yah it's supposedly the final PoTC movie but why did they have to kill

Norrington!!! I love that character, oh well he went down heroically



but I liked it & can't wait for the dvd to come out so I can add it the rest of my PoTC movies. + I have the soundtrack for all 3, I'm hoping they do a Star Wars complete & add ALL THE MUSIC from 3 on it, alot of Hans' stuff is not on that soundtrack!!!!


& yes stay for the end, just like the rest....



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I didn't think it was a bad movie overall. It was a bit long and some scenes were a little confusing however I think for those who didn't like the movie, there may have been things you missed.


DJ's Locker seems like pure torture the way they had portrayed it! It really does add a whole new meaning to the phrase "go kill yourself".


Why is everyone doggin' on knightly so bad? I suppose I've seen her in other things and didn't think she was a bad actress. I like her in King Arthur and in Bend it like Beckham. She's not a GREAT actress but she doesn't stink either. She's pretty decent.


I dunno, I kinda want to watch it again just to see if it's more entertaining the second time.


By the way what DID Calypso say?

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& here I thought it was my theater's sound with Calypso.


Like I said I liked it, just there were bits in it like some of the Jack stuff, that was a bit overbearing, thou I can see why it would be like that in DJ's locker. Not to mention I think Jack's lines were a bit better in the 2nd one (thou

the telescope

was pretty funny, as was the

"He is Captain" + the very end bits with him (now that was classic Jack there)



to me this one & the 2nd one played like a rpg session, Disney must have some rpg fans among their writes.



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hiya, i'm writing my own version of potc3. so far its pretty good but i've hit major writers block if you have any ideas please go to poetry and other abuses i have a thread going there and i really need some ideas. oh, by the way in my story you meet jack sparrow's long lost daughter annasophia alexandria sparrow. (her mother, the egyptian goddess sakh-met disquised as a human, was a big fan of long names :lol: ) oh, calypso said FOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!! really loud, she was not speaking creole

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I just saw it. overall I'd say it was a good flick. It was worlds better than the second one, and I haven'y managed to watch the first one without falling asleep (and I've tried at least 10 times). So I guess that makes it the best of the series from my perspective.


I think knightly has more potential as an actor than bloom does. He always plays the same character, just a different costume. At least knightly is capable of a slight shift.




Keith Richards was definitly awesome, and I liked Barbosa alot. And there was only 1 spot where the computer generated stuff bothered me. In pirates 2 every single large splash of water looked fake. That is a bad thing in a movie with a submarine ship.

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