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GenCon vs Origins

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Gencon is, obviously, more RPG oriented and Origins tends to be more miniature and boardgame oriented. However, Gencon is significantly bigger and more manufacturers (including Reaper) attend the show. Reaper will have a phyiscal presence at Gencon with lots of Black Lightning folks running games. There is likely to a much smaller presence at Origins and its unlikely that Reaper itself will be attending. That, of course, could change, I don't pretend to know what Reaper's plans are for this year's convention seasson.

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There are going to be at least 4 BL's at ORIGINS running CAV and Warlord scenarios. Lord B is running the tourniment, I'm going to be running a 4 person Canyon crawl, Outkast Samurai is running his CAVern crawl (CAV scenario), and CastleBuilder is doing his Famous Dungon crawl. There will be many demo and pick up games as well.

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The GenCon catalog lists a number of Warlord events:

  • Tombs of Treasure (raiding the Nefsokar)
  • Harvest at Jacin's Grove (Overlords vs Crusaders)
  • Ebontop Fortress (aka the Dungeon Crawl)
  • Lost Temple of Sa Than (Reptus vs. Crusaders(?) and Overlords(?))
  • Warlord Tournament
  • Warlord Trial by Fire (new player tournament, new)
  • Fighting Pits (Gladiator games, new)

Most of these events were run last year.


The first two are fixed forces scenarios geared more towards beginners (aka intro games).


The temple scenario was an "advanced/experienced" game last year, but we got newbies.


My guess is that the last two are geared towards newbies as well.


Given the number of BLs there last year and the number of events being run this year, my guess is that it'll be easy to find someone for pick up games as well.



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As I said, Reaper has not gone to Origins for a number of years now, they have always gone to Gencon. I don't see that changing for this year, it could but I doubt it. They are to close in time and geography making it very difficult to do both. They may allow a dealer to sell Reaper products at Origins though so its possible you will find Reaper product there.

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I'm one of the BL guys running events at Origins, so I'll admit up front that I have a biased opinion..... :rolleyes: I think that you will find plenty of Reaper goodness at both events. Myself and the other guys are gearing up for a very fine showing at Origins, and LadyStorm has an established track record of running a first rate miniatures area at GenCon. The bottom line is going to be a matter of convenience, although if you want to hang with the Reaper Peeps, GenCon is the one to attend. Or maybe attend Origins, and then after having so much fun there, you will have to find a reason to attend GenCon too! :poke:



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