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Hell Dorado - new miniatures game


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To into close combat you must either be in B2B or have part of the model touching the target.


THere is funny stuff in the rules like a threat to cut the hands off of rules lawyers, hitting people who play with unpainted minis with boards with nails in them and when a "Head" or "Tail" is called for, you flip your girlfriend.


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Quotes from another forum:


Basic fluff premise of the game is: 16th century Europeans (the Westerners) discover a portal to the christian Hell. Rather than trying to seal it, they decide it's a new America - and they send in troops to conquer it.


On the other side, they meet the locals, of which two varieties exist: a race of mutated creatures (the Lost) who're descendants of those who found the portal a long time ago and decided to explore Hell, and are slaves to the traditional christian demons (the Demons) who are the real natives of Hell.


The Demons quickly organise themselves behind their leaders (the fallen angels) to present a unified front against the invading Westerners in an attempt to keep their lands. Meanwhile, the Lost decide to use the ensuing confusion to stage a rebellion against their tyrannical masters.


At the same time, the One-Thousand-and-One-Nights-style Saracen have found a portal to Hell on their side of the world, and are sending their most brilliant scientists and most ardent preachers to the other side in their quest for religious enlightenment. Along the way, they seem to have acquired mythical creatures like jinns, though the devs haven't said why yet (some fans have speculated that they may not be the Saracen from the age or world that the Westerners come from, but nothing official).


As far as game mechanics go, it's fast-paced, very brutal, tactical enough, (I believe, but I'm not sure) I GO U GO, large skirmish and that's about all I know, since I haven't seen it played and I haven't found much to read about it. I'm pretty sure Ten will know some more about the game itself. Overall, all I've heard is that the art style and models are brilliant, it plays exceedingly well, that the fluff is intriguing to most and that people hope it could become a serious competitor to Confrontation.


There is the (little) review extracted from Ravage. It’s the very first review of HellDorado and at this time the rules weren’t definitively fixed. I also use information from HellDorado website and those collected elsewhere. So, take that more like a general feeling than a "serious" approach of the definitive game. (but most of the information are true )


Each mini has a card (one card by mini)

On this card there is stats (Attack, Shoot, Defence, Faith, Movement…), hit points board, specific damage board inflicted by the mini, skills and “key words”

6 faces dices are used.

Battlefield is about 80 x 80 cm.


The game is an alternate turn game.

After an initiative roll (called Domination roll), the winner decided who play first. Then, I play a mini, and then you play a mini…When all minis are played, the turn end. Some officer skills allow you to play two minis in the same sequence (spending commanding points)

The player who suffers the minus wounds gains the domination roll for the new turn.


Example of combat:

Attack and counter attack are made simultaneously.

A mini with Attack stats of 5 fights against an opponent with a Defence stats of 4.

The attacker rolls 5 dices (Attack stats) and must make more or equal to 4 (Defence stats of the opponent) in order to hit. Depending of the number of hit, the attacker look at his damage board (each mini has a proper damage board) in order to know the number or the type of wounds inflicted to is target (Knock out, magical effect or simple loss of x number of hit points).

5 is the maximum of dice that can be roll during an attack. A mini with more than 5 in attack stats can use the remaining dices as re-roll.

To shoot a mini it’s more or minus the same schema. But you use your shooting stats. Shooting weapons don’t have limited range but difficulty to touch a mini is the discrepancy between the higher defence stats of the target and the distance modification. (To resume: A mini challenging to hit on hand to hand combat is also hard to shoot). You are obliged to shoot the closest enemy. Reloading a harquebus need 2 turns…


Number of dice can be modified by skills.

For example all officers can use a “Vae Victis” order that allow to use one or two more dices during a mini attack.



There is two different magical “style”.

- Aura, that work like…ahem, Aura

For example damned of sloth has an Aura that obliged enemy on it to attack him on hand to hand.

Some aura only works with certain type of troops designed by “key words”.

For example an aura that gives bonus to “catholic” troops work for all the catholic troops, allied or enemy.

- Offensive magic, that need the invocation of a “pet” (Lemure in French).

When the pet is invoked, you launch your spell on it and it’s the pet which “carry” the spell to the target (but not before the next turn). A pet can be activated two times during the turn but not two following times. So a pet is some sort of guided missile

Of course, if the pet is killed before to reach the target, the spell is lost.

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I'm a little bummed that my absolute favourite Hell Dorado mini so far is part of a faction starter box where I find most of the rest of the faction minis distasteful. Two of the other faction boxes might manage to tempt me, though.

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I hope they have them for sale and not just for teasing at GenCon Indy this year!! =)





Yes...with full English rules as well. I've talked w/ one of the translators on the project who will also be at their booth.


Should have the whole shebang in English.

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Hell Dorado is being produced by Asmodee. It's a French company, but they have a US branch. They do not translate and sell every game produced by the parent company, however. From what I've read elsewhere there is an interest in bringing Hell Dorado to the US market, but there is also some concern about whether it would be popular enough to warrant the time and money it would take to do so. (Popular enough would likely need to mean selling gamer numbers of stuff rather than painter numbers of stuff.) There's an address listed on this webpage where you can contact Asmodee US to let them know you are interested in this product.

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I'm a little bummed that my absolute favourite Hell Dorado mini so far is part of a faction starter box where I find most of the rest of the faction minis distasteful. Two of the other faction boxes might manage to tempt me, though.


Yeah, I like the human female in the Demons and the one that looks like a devil- I will turn him into a Satyr for my elves. But as a set I'm leaning towards the Spaniards(?) and Sarceans.

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Unless they bring in some of the French stuff, sounds like they probably won't be available for purchase at GenCon this year. :-<


Hell Dorado delayed


Dang...However I did already pick up the minis from a French online group. Saracens and The Lost (Egares).


The quality of the casting is outstanding. Very smooth, no mold lines. Solid metal more akin to GW/Reaper and less like Rackham. Assembly was easy, pieces fit great and took a pin easily. To me the Saracen sculpts outpace the Egares from a quality standpoint.


Bases are nice but not as deep as Privateer Press.

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