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You noticed I didn't include a release date. I have a range, but I'm loath to post that sort of information for reasons I think are obvious. As soon as I have something concrete, I'll be plastering the date all over creation.

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Same here - It couldn't have been less than 2 minutes after Kit posted the news that I was entered.



One question for clarification: The prizes are "sets" of the Legendary Encounters Minis. Is a set one of each miniature (as I would assume), or is a set one of each of the initial stock numbers? Either way I'm happy, the only difference will be how much I drool in anticipation.

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One entry per physical address. Multiple entries will be discarded. 25 sets of the Legendary Encounters™ figures are available for the contest; contents are enumerated above and may be subject to change.


What i didnt' see was how long the contest was running for, when it ended, when winners would be announced etc. Very handy things to know.

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Kit will let us know as soon as he knows. He probably (and this is just a guess) went ahead and posted the contest so that there could be as many entries as possible. Since there is no "official" release date yet, Kit can't know exactly how long the contest will run for without that information. It did mention that contestents will be informed via email who the winners are.


As I see it, it's a drawing type thing where either nothing will happen (likely), or I'll win something I didn't have in the first place, and likely would not have purchased for a long while. If I win, whoo hoo, if not, it's all good. At least we didn't have to do more than sign up, and now Reaper has my updated address! :blush:

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A set is one of each blister we'll be releasing at launch.


20001 Sketon Swordsmen (3) $5.79

20002 Skeleton Archers (3) $5.79

20003 Skeleton Spearmen (3) $5.79

20004 Skeleton Swordsman $1.99

20005 Skeleton Archer $1.99

20006 Skeleton Spearman $1.99

20007 Orc Warriors with Scimitars (3) $6.99

20008 Orc Archers (3) $6.99

20009 Orc Spearmen (3) $6.99

20010 Orc Warrior with Scimitar $2.49

20011 Orc Archer $2.49

20012 Orc Spearman $2.49

20013 Cave Troll $3.99

20014 Ogre Chieftain $4.99

20015 Minotaur of the Maze $5.99


Ary's right, contest end dates will be posted as soon as I can get that information finalized.



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