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New Multipacks Added

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So as the topic says, this week in the Asylum Online store we will be adding new multipacks with a twist.


There's 2 new Multipacks coming out this week: 3175 Darkthrall Custists, 3176 Sisters of the Blade Bowsisters, and 3177 Nagendra Venomspitters.


The more astute of you may have already noticed that what these 3 packs have in common is that they each began as single packs, and never really had a 2-pack or 3-pack, unlike the previous 74 Multipacks we have released. So the twist is that these 3 new multipacks offer, for the first time, alternate pose models of the model type they represent!! Yes!! You read that right - Pose variety is finally available for those 3 models! And there's more around the bend!


Just hop on over to the Asylum the instant we update, and check them out!


Or if you want to see them now, they have pictures in the galley and on our PDF here:



Thought you'd wanna know, and hope you like them!


Like the man says, "Eat all you want, we'll make more"


**EDIT: Sorry. I'm not actually allowed to encourage you to eat them, Ed says. Let me revise that. See below.


"Cast in High-quality Premium Pewter all you want, we'll make . . . " Hmm . . that just doesn't have the same ring. Tell you what, I'll get back to you on a catchy new slogan for our nifty new sculpt-y goodness. In the meantime, yall just enjoy!!

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I'm happy see these one their way out the door!


But I can't lie... I'm dissapointed that there are only 2 sculpts in each package. Unless what's in the pdf is only a taste.



That alt Darkthrall is awesome. Very Culty... or something. :)

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You would do that right after I ordered my Bow Sisters. :angry:





Let Bryan pay penance for his sin by handling your customer service issue of exchanging the mini's you "accidentally" ordered for the ones you "meant" to order. ::P:






Love ya, Bryan!

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