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New Magic Items Request

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Neutralize poison: Removes poison tokens from all friendly models within a 3 inch radius around caster (Cleric grade 2)

Remove Poison: Removes a poison token from a single friendly model within 18 inches, LOS required (Cleric grade 1)

Entanglement: Until the end of the targets next activation the model suffers penalties as if it were in base-to-base contact with an enemy model using the Distract SA (Cleric grade 2, 18 inch LOS required)

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Name: Scorched Earth ...

now why would you want this spell? :devil:


Actually it's something I've wanted to see for a long time, not just because of the Woodland Protectors new SA. There have been a ton of games, not just against elves, where there is that really annoying stand of trees right in your way. Having a way to clear it would be great. I'd even love to see something that removes other terrain features like a small hill or stone wall for the same reason. Since it's effecting a fixed piece or terrain, it needs to cost a small fortune.


I've always thought you should be able to cast Firestorm on a stand of woods and destroy it. Since spell costs have been dramatically reduced, this gives you the chance to totally nuke everything in the space. It's the WL version of CAV's MOAB.


RE: Move Earth. Not a bad idea. I like the ability to generate a terrain feature for a premium just as much as I like the ability to destroy one. The change of base size causes all kinds of issues. Do you need to swap out models now? Do you need to how do you establish b2b with the changed base size? I'd rather see it more along the lines of you create a 2 inch wide, 6 inch long trench within 12 inches of the caster. The long side of the trench is always facing the caster. The trench is 2 inches deep. Use felt strip to represent new trench. Any Giant or smaller base size within the area of the trench when it is created must make a discipline check or fall into the trench, suffering 2 points of damage. (Consider this a Reflex Save). Enemy Models that make their Discipline check are placed on the long side of the trench furthest from the caster, Friendly Models closest to the caster. Models on Super bases cannot fall into the Trench and can cross the trench without penalty to movement. In order to leave the trench the Model then needs to sacrifice 2 inches of movement for going up 2 levels of terrain. Being able to cast it defensively although a cool idea, makes it complicated, since it is not in response to a spell. This will still likely be sufficient to hamper Cavalry charges because it will force them to go around, or sacrifice the extra movement (call it leaping the gap instead of going up and down). You could also use this to generate trenches to quickly provide your Models with some cover too.

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Pain Focussing Crystal


This eldritch crystal, glowing with the malevolent energies of its demonic purpose, gathers and focuses the pain energy which is gathered by the Isiri.


Darkspawn Leader models only

15-20 points?


Paintenders in a troop lead by this model gain the Disable SA. Targets who are killed by this model or a Paintender in this model's troop (either by removing last damage track of a non-tough model, or Coup de Grace of a stunned model) add an extra token to the Pain Cage.

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