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The JUN 2007 issue of Fictional Reality is out

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Hello everyone,


The new issue of Fictional Reality is now available for download at www.fictionalreality.org. You can download the whole issue or you can get the first and second half separately if you like. Inside this issue you'll find...




Battle Reports - Star Mogul and Warmachine vs. Hordes


Miniature Reviews - Reaper, 3D Miniatures, Privateer Press, Hasslefree, Aberrant Games, Alpha Forge, Impact Miniatures, World Works Games and Corvus Belli


Hordes Evolution Preview - Skorne Bronzeback Titan and Legion of Everblight Nephilim Soldier


Convention Report - ReaperCon 2007


Industry News - White Metal from Hasslefree Miniatures


Terrain Workshop - Sci-Fi Buildings


Game Reviews - Descent: The Well of Darkness, HorrorClix, All Things Zombie, Cineplexity, EastFront 2 and Micro Armor WWII


We hope that you enjoy this issue and come back to check us out for the SEP 2007 issue that will feature a huge Rezolution battle report.




Mark Theurer, FR

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I really enjoyed the ReaperCon reveiw --- and I was there!!


I thought it was very nice to see it from a different perspective, and thought you did a great job of covering things.


Your reviews are really neat, too.


And now I have to go back and read about Gubser's "small tools". :wink:

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! We really enjoyed ReaperCon and I'm looking forward to the pre-painted plastic stuff very much.


Mark, FR



Checkout pages 39/40 as well! ;)


Very good ezine, great stuff!


Reminds of my days working on Beyond Adventure! *sniff*.

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