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Pro Paint availability

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I was thinking about rounding up a full set of pro paints to have a nice selection of colors on hand. I'm not using the triads I have much, and figure I can make do in the meantime the old fashioned way.


I noticed quite a few colors from the PP line are no longer listed in casketworks, but are shown on here for ordering.


Are they still being made, or is this older stock? Are they even actually still available, or has the category just not been updated?


When will pro paint be discontinued?


Some colours in particular I like to use, and if they're going to be dropped it'd be handy to know so I can buy what I need.

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Currently Pro Paint is not going to be discontinued, though several very low-selling colors have been canceled. All canceled colors are available as long as stock lasts (currently I believe we have quite a few of each canceled number still around and about). Essentially, Pro Paint will stay around as long as people are still buying it. If people stop buying it, then it will probably disappear...possibly to make room for something new...but you didn't hear me say that.


--Anne, taking Tease lessons from Bryan and Kit

p.s. This Tease is all the more insidious because it is invalid for as long as Pro Paint continues to sell! Muhahahahaha!!!

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I think the only thing in Pro Paint I care for these days over the RMS is the silks and satins. I find the colors of RMS are much smoother when applied.


The only colors I really feel I need are Hawkwood and Walnut, as I use these two a lot, but YMMV.


I have also found that some of the PP colors, such as the yellows, have a BAD tendency to dry up in the pot, even if said pot was never opened. If they don't dry up, there's a nasty skin on top. That's another reason to prefer the RMS.


Mind, I like the PP line, but the 15 year old Testor's I have are still good (if in need of vigorous shaking for a few hours). I had some Pros for only a year before they were completely useless. Mind, how long they were on the store shelf is another matter entirely.

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Thank you for the quick reply!


I'll probably stock up in the next couple of months, then. I still have some colors from 2002 that are just fine, so the stuff lasts.


Three bottles of each will probably set me up for years. Then no worries if it gets dropped.



This way I can have everything I need on hand for the basic minis, and start building a collection of triads for the more advanced pieces.

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Old Pro paint is still usable so long as it hasn't dried out completely. I raided another store's dollar box for a bunch that were covered in dust and most of them had the icky skin issue, but once I transferred them to new bottles and added some extra flow improver... All was happy and the paints behaved like Pro Paints ought.

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I have mostly MSP currently, thanks to the new LTP kits.


To be honest, I'm still undecided which is better.


It's a matter of taste and personal style. The PP, at least for now, seem to suit me better. I find that with MSP's I discard the triad theory anyway and wind up using them the old way like PP in dropper bottles.


That will probably change, but for now I'm leaning toward PP as my preferred choice.

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