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The Bloodstone Gnomes have breached the surface!

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Maybe these priests worship gods who like explody things instead of cleric type things?


I understand the fluff possibility.


But you know there is going to be someone barking up a storm because "It's a priest but a Mage! I know what it says on the Data Card, but that clearly has to be wrong!" :lol:


And someone other than just me being a smart alec. :poke:

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I can assure you there is a fluff reason. You'll get the full story 'soon', but I can sum it up by saying these gnomes worship the Bloodstone, thus they have 'priests', even though they case Mage spells, they are called 'Priests' because of their duties interacting with the Bloodstone.


Here's what they look like:


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I LOVE how different the art style is.

I LOVE that they are evil, tortured looking, vicious and creepy.

I LOVE that they will probably give kids nightmares.

I LOVE their stats....


...But my unjust hate for Gnomes knows no bounds.



I have been put in one heck of a situation. Overlook my hate for gnomes and give into these models... Or carry on and miss out.... It will be a tough choice... Man I hate choices...

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If you go to ReaperGames you can find out who they're for. :devil:


Where's it at? I've looked around and I can't find anything.

On ReaperGames, on the Warlord page, click the Data Card Search link in the left nav, and type in the word "bloodstone" in the Name search field.

You need to be logged into ReaperGames to see the Data Card Search link.


Or, if you're really impatient, just click this:




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