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The Bloodstone Gnomes have breached the surface!

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From the Reaper peeps chiming in on another thread, YES, we will have our ALL BLOODSTONE GNOME army. Look for a mounted hero on a giant beetle, and the Warlord for them will be a Lich, borne upon a palanquin supported by those little buggers like the Bloodstone Mage has with him.


I too, have gone crazy for these guys.


As for playing them in the current Darkspawn list, I would recommend just substituting them for any present grunts and field them accordingly. From people talking in the Darkspawn section, the Scraggers hit hard, but can't absorb damage, so I would get those Tunnel Knights on the board too.


I just ordered the unit box of Knights from the front page of the Asylum store. Ordered some of the other single blisters from my FLGS. Great news about the hero on the beetle! And the Lich!





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