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Razig's Revenge Faction Abilities

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Razig Models gain a single free non-combat action which can only be used to perform a Loot Action during each Model's activation.

Razig opponents gain the same thing. :devil:

I actually like your idea.



If Hate Sustains me, is put back into play how about this:

Upon Razigs return from Hate Sustains he can choose to activate "No Mercy Asked, No Mecry Given".

Razig can sacrifice an addition 100 points of his own models. How ever many points he sacrafices he chooses enemy models of equal or less than value to also be sacraficed.


The removing of models through No mercy asked follow the same rules as Hate Sustains Me.


ie: Razig destroys 131 points of his own army in order to return to the field. He then kills off another 100 points of allies, and then takes 98 points of enemies off the field.



Maybe I just like the idea of Razig's Ressurection being the WMD of Warlord.

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