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The Tardis

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This is The Tardis, the time machine used in the BBC show Doctor Who. I made it using a Chessex dice cube as a base, then adding styrene and plasticard to suit. Construction took about an hour and a half, and the painting took about 45 minutes.


Tara, the non-canonical Companion, is on a US penny, for some idea of scale. The Tardis model is 70mm from floor to top of the light, or just about 3.25"



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Wicked cool Froggy...


I can hear that "wooorsh-vum wooorsh-vum wooorsh-vum" sound of it fading away.


S'funny - but when I watched the show as a kid - it was on a B&W TV... I was very surprised later in life to see that the police box is actually blue. (And you nailed the shade of blue as well I might add).


Now then... Where is the Tom Baker mini?

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Ah this brings back many drunking late night movie watching over my friend's house. Welll done.





Is there anything (other then glue) keeping that pitch in the roof?

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If you have a Tom Baker mini you want to give me, I would be very interested in painting it. I'm not all that impressed by the Harlequin (and its descendants) model.


Hmmm... This could be an interesting test of greenstuffing...


It would be fun just trying to get the 'fro... The scarf would be easier of course.


Hmmm... Looks like I will need to do some mini shopping to find a suitable base. Gimme a few weeks and I'll see what I can do Froggy.

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That is way cool. A possible next step would be to use dry-transfers for the lettering and a mini-LED at the top.

Really cool use of a Chessex container. I was just thinking: because the container is transparent, you could light the windows easily as well.

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