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Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen DVD


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a couple of weeks ago I was at the store a new DVD from WWE Home Video Called "Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen"


Being A Big Fan Of Wrestling And Of Ric Flair In General,I Had To Pick It Up And Boy Am I Happy I Did.


It Takes You All Way From The Start Of The Horsemen Thru Its End When Malenko & Benoit Left For The WWE. It Talks To Alot Of The Former Members Of The Group And Has A Disc Of Just Great Matches & Interviews.


If Your A Fan Of wrestling Or The Four Horsemen You Should Pick It Up.






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stylyn & profyln!!!


big 80s wrestling fan myself (ie back before allot of the current stuff) up to the Monday Night wars between Turner & McMahon. I liked both but was more or a wcw/nwa fan so I might have to check that one out sometime.




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ladder matches are cool....i think the next one i'll pick up is the ulimate Ric Flair DVD,and talking about 80's wrestling.


i can remember my first live wrestling event in 1980 at the old omni in atlanta and the main event that night was Tommy"Wildfire"Rich Vs "Maddog"Buzz Sawyer and Buzz busted Tommy open with catchers mask.


then later on that i walked into the bathroom and saw tommy sitting on the sink naked and drunk out of his mind.


funny stuff for an 8 year old to see.

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