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A couple Warmachine battle shots


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I shot these pics during a battle last night at my studio. I played Khador but the Slayer pictured is also mine. I loaned it to my friend because his slayer wasn't finished yet and I was taking pics during that battle.



The Charge



The Impact



The Takedown


That was one scrapped jack.

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::o: Aaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!!! ::o:


They're gonna get all scratched up!!!



Yes - Playing with them is kind of the point I know... But won't someone -please think of the children minis!! ::P:


Cool set-up and that looks like it was loads of fun to play.



Were very careful with out minis. We dont knock them over we set them over. They are for playing games and they do get damaged from time to time but that just goes with the territory.


Yeah it was a good game. That Jug pretty much obliterated everything in it's path. The Slayer, two Bonejacks, and Denegra.

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Only one thing wrong with these pictures.................


They are not Warlord.


Good paint jobs and hope you had fun, but if you are gonna post WM pictures, you need to post equal value WL pictures too...



There isn't any intrest in Warlord around here which is too bad because I would love to put together a WL dwarf army. Best looking Dwarf minis anywhere if you ask me.

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Nice 'jacks. I hates the Juggernaut. My Mercs can't go toe-to-toe with one so I have to be sneaky and hope for a caster kill.


Are your Khador painted in 5th Border Legion colors or did you just like the green?



Jacks from the 5th have red shoulders. I just painted mine to resemble Russian tanks. I consider Red Jacks to be painted in Parade colors because no self respecting commander would field big red targets in an actual conflict.

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