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What is the main idea for each faction?

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Nefsokar.. my other army.. I've got less experience with, but here is my take on them.




Weaknesses: They're too cool for their own good. You simply cannot fit all of the tricks into one army and have the army be any good at all. You've got to pick and choose what you bring. Poor ranged warriors.


The Nefsokar's foot archers are a bit weak (RAV 3), but the Nefsokar also have the mounted archers which are middling archers (RAV 4) and have the advantage of being highly mobile.




Not to mention the lovely advantage of LOS given their larger base size.

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Strengths: Reptus are among the highest when it comes to the number of 4 DT+ Soldier models available in their faction (only the Dwarves and Nefsokar have more, and only the Dwarves have more that are Grunt status) and are the best when it comes to average DV (among these models in these factions). That means you can field models that a) are hard to hit, and b) stick around long. With the latest addition of data cards, they have heavy duty cavalry, light cavalry, multiple flyers, and a number of Poison-capable troops (including a 35-point model with 3 MAV5 swings and a 42-point model with 3 MAV5 swings *and* Warmaster). I would describe the Reptus Heroes as "efficient"... they have what they need to be killers without being bloated with SAs unnecessary to a melee specialist. The same can be said for most of the leaders as well (particularly Uru, Somchai, and Gam-Nan). Throw in a properly-timed use of the Aura of Jade Thorns, and the already tough-to-hit Reptus can easily survive a series of Defensive Strikes to make it to another round. Reptus models also have generally decent MAV values, so the new Jade Strike FA makes good use of turning a miss into a potential hit (especially with models like the MAV7 Skullbreakers).


Weaknesses: Ranged combat. While the Reptus can smash the heck out of stuff in melee, they are much weaker when it comes to ranged combat. The archers are ok, but could easily be chewed up by units from other factions. The 'Spitters have potential, but I think are best suited to being used in the Nagendra sublist where they gain the Deflect bonus to keep them alive a little longer to get into that 18" range. The Javeliners are much too short-range to be considered anything more than a clean-up crew. The Reptus are also fairly challenged when it comes to magic too. They only 5 total models capable of casting spells (2 clerics, 3 mages), and none of the mages are non-unique. That being said, the troll shaman is just as tough-as-nails as the rest of the faction, and Pakpao has a really nice set of stats for his point-cost, even if he is limited to only Grade 2 spells. Also note that those high DT models mentioned as a strength cost more points than the average Soldier in most other factions. This means you will likely have a lower model count than most opponents, so you have to be cautious about getting swarmed, especially if you choose to also field a point-heavy solo like Nakaraat.



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I've played *against* Necropolis quite a bit...


You can go one of two ways with Necropolis: Jillions of brittle little skeletons, or a mix of skeletons and tough as nails vampires.


the jillions of skeletons route is pretty much the quintessential swarm army, but it has a twist: It's leader is a rediculously powerful mage! In games I've fought when the player takes this route, it's all about getting to Moandain and killing him before he mutilates your army - unfortunately there's a legion of skeletons in the way!


The vampire route, to be honest, is my nemesis. I have alot of trouble dealing with it. Vampires are some of the most capable warriors in the game. They can and will stand toe to toe with the best Warlord has to offer. They're also expensive, which is why you'll often see a troop or two of skeletons in support to help boost the lists numbers. Vampires thrive on melee, where they can often outlast their opponents due to feeding.


Strengths of skeletons type lists: high model count, excellent leadership and elites, awesome solos, very good cavalry. Mages can use spells to heal (in a limited way).

Weaknesses of skeleton type lists: skeletons die (again) very easily. Against most adepts, skeletons are sheep lined up for slaughter. Against many grunts they won't pack much punch. But then again, that's why you have two or three skeletons for every enemy soldier, right?


Strengths of vampire types: Rock solid stats, top notch leadership, excellent Faction Ability. Has the ability to take along any model in the faction to support them.

Weaknesses of vampire types: Very expensive, and usually have to be combined with other model types in order to make up a quality list. But that's ok, since they have plenty of types to choose from (vampires are the default list).


Here's a note on the faction as a whole: They only have two warlords. Although, when you look at the choices, it's not too bad :D

Necropolis has no clerics so they can't completely conform to the typical "melee, cleric, mage" archetype for warlords.

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Reven- There is safety in numbers.


The Orcs are numerous and numerous are the Orcs. That is the advantage to the Reven faction. When using a grand reven, every game except maybe against a skeleton heavy Necro company you will have at least 3 to 2 odds on the field. The bull orcs are pretty cheap for being decently tough but if you really want to overwhelm your opponent take advantage of the Noghra(Goblin) sublist. You can start cramming 12-16 goblin troops out on the field and back them up with the Hill Giants add a couple of troops of (up to 13) beastriders that go from adept to grunt on the list to drive the enemy into them or hold the enemy until the giants can join the fight then the cavalry runs to engage another troop. For the straight up melee knuckle to knuckle fight you are at a numerical advantage by going with the Tomukh(Orc) sublist. This takes the mighty bull orcs from adepts to grunts and makes the furry rhino Nhoolyan non-unique(point 2 of these chargers at one side of the board and the enemy will either move to the other side or die standing there), this also adds the useful Reptus river trolls and Uru as allies, makes all models ignore rough/rocky terrain, and all leaders gain innate spell warcry. Which is really disheartening for an enemy to drop half a troop of Bull Orc Hunters only to have them bounce back up and face the wall of spears again next round with Varaug the incredibly tough warlord at the front of it.

Only having 2 strong mages of 3/10, one a warlord and the other unique means this is not a magic strong group but the goblin mage 2/8 can help round out the lower spells and can do some dmg what way. For clerics there is only one 3/10 and she's a warlord, the consolation is that Ombur is a 2/8 cleric and non-unique, but pricey due to him able to hold a little in combat with DV11 Fearsome, Tough/2 and 3 Dmg Tracks, not a fighter but he should be standing there next round for a retreat or reinforcements if you accidentally let him get too close to the front or the troop got overrun.

Ranged combat is not spectacular with Bull Orc archers being adepts(Unless using Tomukh list) but goblin Skeeters help once again with just sheer number or arrows flying through the air, though not hitting much with Rav3.

Heroes and monsters are at 2 each with all being good but uniques, and having probably the most powerful monster in the game with the Hill Giant at double the cost of some warlords the Hill Giant is a force to be reckoned with. the only way to bring one down is to team up a few powerful melees with some reach behind them, and drop him before the clerics can react.


Weaknesses- While you will almost always outnumber your enemies they are tougher and hit harder than you do especially the 13pt and less goblins. Not a powerful healing force also makes objectives hard to obtain as you may slash your way through an army then fall down dead with your hand on their flag. With Volley no longer a SA cramming troops of Goblin Skeeters together is no longer so deadly effective and make a ranged war a tough(but not impossible) thing for the Reven to fight. Don't count on too much magic to be able to back you up either.


Just the musings of a noob.

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Darkspawn: The faction that sends chills up all of the other factions spines. The purest of all things evil and united under one banner. Half demonic elves, Spawns created from dark rituals, Demons from the deepest pits of the unholiest of places, and the vile Bloodstone gnomes round out the faction.



I think of darkspawn as a tactic rich faction. We have lots of fliers, a great burrowing adept, more Mages than you can shake a stick at, and a wide range of models each with different roles to fill.

I think the most important part to Darkspawn are their mages. Our two Warlords are two of the most powerful casters in the game. So if you don't like magic, then don't go Darkspawn.

We combine alot of spell casting with Flying.

The newer demon models offer alot in the way of ground support. We can easily field a pretty brute force army now, unleashing a pretty diverse group of soldiers.

We have the great demon. He strikes fear into everyone else on the board and is under our direct control. <3 Rauthuros



All those mages will leave Darkspawn with alot of soft spots and it's easy to lose alot of points if you aren't careful with squishy targets.

No clerics. When a model in darkspawn gets hit, there is no patching it up, no pulling out, we fight to the death.

Lack of tanks. Darkspawn is limited when it comes to models that can absorb damage. There are a few, but usually they also have expensive abilities like flying, burrowing, or spellcasting.



Faction Abilities:

Pain Cage is a very powerful, very unique, and probably my personal favorite Faction Ability in the game. It offers us some very limited ability to keep models on the board, even if their getting beat down by the enemy. I use it to keep a line up between my softer/expensive models and the enemies that want them taken out.

Gate for the Demonic Conclave, is also a very fun ability. The demon sublist already posses alot of mobility with flying leaders, flying adepts and grunts, burrowing adepts, and flying elites and solos; and this ability only grants them more mobility. Making them a completely unpredictable army to fight against.

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