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News Flash! Changes to Gen Con Indy Painting & Sculpting contests!

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From Susan Wachowski, AKA Paintminion, on the SueCrew Newslist:


Hi folks!


I'm uploading into our files section the new incarnation of the

rules and regs for the painting competition. Please note two



The following competition rules have been updated and changed to

reflect a more traditional use of the full hobby community:


4. You cannot enter winning models from any other contests,

conventions, or online competitions.


5. You cannot enter painted models published prior to Gen Con

and this competition in any professional print media, i.e.

manufacturer magazines or gaming material. Online publication of

your painted entry prior to Gen Con is acceptable in the spirit of

receiving feedback on your work from the hobby community. You may

receive feedback from our judges, part of that online community,

though our intention, as ever, is that painters provide entries

previously untested.


The following competition rule for the Sculpted Figure Category is

now updated and in effect:


• All entries should be unsold, unlicensed, and no production

molds of the figure may have been created prior to this competition,

even by the sculptor for their own use. Please note Rules and

Regulations on publishing and media presentation.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Mel left out some important information...



Link to the Competition page that has a link to the updated and final rules and regs pdf file.


Also check out the newly added Manufacturer Awards--Rackham going up today. Still waiting on Croc Games information.


Remember, you can post online all you want with your wip pictures. For Sculpting, please read and understand carefully before you do anything further with your entry!


Questions can be directed to me: [email protected] or even pm me here and I'll answer all questions and concerns.

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